Finches in the Window

January 28th, 2008

The finches discovered my window feeder today! They weren’t too keen on its previous location as my cat would jump at the window. So, I placed it a little higher, and today I had some success. Ironically, my cat was sitting right below the feeder. All it took was raising the feeder two feet above where my cat stands, and some gutsy finches were willing to feed. I should have cleaned the window better, but here are some shots that I got.

This was a great shot…I wish I had cleaned my window. :( House finches are very common, but the male’s red coloring always amazes me.

Finches can get pretty aggressive at my feeders. Sometimes I worry that this will scare off other birds.

While I was taking pictures, my cat suddenly leaped into the air. No more birds. :( I cleaned off the windowpane and put more food in the feeder. A few birds came back, but my cat had scared most of them off. Check out this last shot with a clean window.

Much nicer. :) I hope the birds will continue to visit my window feeder. It sure is fun to see them this close. I literally got within two feet of the feeder!

Finally, a bird I hadn’t seen in my yard caught the corner of my eye. It didn’t go to any of my feeders. It just sat there, and then flew off. I snapped a few blurry photos, but I was too far away and too hurried to get anything good. It looks like it might have been a Black Phoebe.

Welcome to Birding Depot’s Blog!

January 26th, 2008

Welcome to Birding Depot’s Blog! My wife and I love to watch the birds in our backyard, so we wanted to share what we see everyday with you. These are a couple of our most common visitors – house finches. I love that action shot on the left; break that sunflower kernel!

We hope to continue posting pictures of what’s happening in our yard, and we encourage anyone with pictures they’d like to share to submit them as well. In addition, we will be posting information about what’s happening with birds and the people who love them. As we try new products in our yard, we’ll also share our successes and failures. Let’s start birding!