Squirrels in Action

March 16th, 2009

For many, squirrels are a nuisance.  They eat bird seed, rip food from your trees, and don’t even have the decency to clean up after themselves!  But, for the few of us who really watch, squirrels can be a joy – they’re certainly clever little guys.  Watch for yourself.

James Bond Squirrel

Sneaky Candybar Thief

Bungee Jumping Bandit

The Spinning Squirrel Caper

The Spinning Bird Feeder vs. Benny Hill Squirrel

The Most Determined Squirrel Ever!

Fun Facts About Goldfinches

March 3rd, 2009

As spring approaches, Goldfinches have begun turning the distinctive gold color that they are famous for.  What better time to learn a little more about these wonderful birds!

- Goldfinches are sometimes referred to as wild canaries. They are actually in the finch family as their name suggest.

- They have an interesting flight call with four syllables that can be likened to “potato-chip.”

- They are common feeder visitors that prefer thistle (nyjer) and sunflowers. They are rather acrobatic, and often dip upside down feeding on weed seeds like coneflowers and sunflowers.

- Goldfinches will hang upside down to eat, but experiments with specially designed feeders have shown that they prefer to dine upright if possible.

- Goldfinches usually lay 5 pale-blue or greenish-blue eggs that will hatch in about 12 days. Babies will fledge about 12 days after that. An interesting side note is that the nest cleaning is ceased about a week after the babies hatch.

- Goldfinches don winter clothes: the dull-green coat of feathers grown each fall has an especially dense layer of soft, plumaceous feathers to provide extra insulation.