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Learn About Goldfinches

Goldfinch Drinking
A favorite backyard songbird is the American Goldfinch...adored for their lemony color, graceful flight and enchanting song.

Many people call this bird the "Wild Canary." Much of the public doesn't realize that Goldfinches are not bright gold all year long. As the nesting season winds down and fall colors begin to appear, Goldfinches molt. That is, they replace their worn, tattered feathers with a set of fresh, new feathers.

The appearance of males changes drastically at this time. The brilliant yellow body feathers are replaced by dull brownish plumes, and the striking black cap disappears. Females also molt, but their appearance doesn't change. Goldfinches wearing drab winter plumage flock to bird feeders.

Be sure to keep Finch feeders out year-round to enjoy their bright colors during warmer winter months.