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Learn About Clinging Birds

Clinging Birds
The Clinging Birds include those with strong feet that make it easy for them to run up and down a tree trunk or to grasp onto a small surface to retrieve an insect or gnat. These include Woodpeckers, Titmouse, Chickadees, and Nuthatches. Many people refer to the last three families of Clingers as "polite" birds, as they often take one seed, fly off and eat or store it, and then come back for another. For this and other reasons, Clingers are often some of the most entertaining and desirable birds to attract to your yard, patio, deck, and even window. As a group, they are naturally curious and will often be the first visitors to your feeders.

These birds all use and will respond to nest box placement in your yard-Especially when dead standing timber is in short supply. Do these things and Woodpeckers will soon be providing a rhythm section in your yard with their drumming, while the rest of the Clingers will entertain you with their acrobatic antics.