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Tube Feeders

Tube Feeder

Tube feeders are the most popular feeders for a reason. These simple bird feeders are easy to clean and maintain. Larger tubes can store lots of food, which means less upkeep on your part. In addition, tube feeders make it more difficult for squirrels and other scavengers to gain access to the bird seed inside. Many modern tube feeders use other measures to strengthen their defense against squirrels and larger birds. For example, many tube feeders are surrounded by a cage that small birds can enter, but squirrels and large birds can not penetrate. Often, tube feeders come with several perches and feeding ports which can accommodate many birds at various levels. This will increase the number and variety of birds that visit your yard. When shopping for a tube feeder, you should look for the following amenities:

  • How many feeder ports are available? This will tell you how many birds can use your feeder at once.
  • Where are the feeder ports located? Many bird feeders only have feeder ports near the bottom of the tube. This will mean less upkeep, as the tube will not need to be refilled as often. However, providing feeder ports on a variety of levels increases the likelihood that many different types of birds will frequent your feeder and encourages more birds to use your feeder at the same time.
  • What is the capacity of the bird feeder? This will tell you how much the bird feeder can hold. The larger the capacity, the less upkeep the feeder will require.
  • Are feeder ports reinforced? Many feeders have feeder ports that are reinforced, generally by placing a metal sheet around the port. This makes it much more difficult for squirrels and other animals to cause damage to the feeder by enlarging the feeder port.
  • Is there a tray at the bottom of the feeder to catch spilled seed? Trays reduce waste by catching the seed that birds drop. However, they can become quite a mess due to bird droppings. Without a tray, seed that falls to the ground will inevitably be eaten by larger birds and scavengers.
  • Does the feeder contain features that make it squirrel-proof? There are many ways to make a feeder squirrel-proof. One of the most common ways is to surround it by a cage, which allows only small birds to enter. Another popular way to squirrel-proof a feeder is to add a plastic baffle above the feeder. These make it difficult for squirrels to find their footing. Modern techniques include perches that give way when large birds or squirrels step on them, electronic devices that spin heavy animals off perches, trays that give way when large animals step on them, and perches that automatically close feeder ports when large animals step on them.

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