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Nectar Feeders

Nectar Feeders

Hummingbirds and orioles are attracted to nectar. Most nectar mixtures are simply sugar water, but you don't need to buy nectar; you can easily make it at home. For hummingbirds, simply combine one part white cane sugar with four parts water. Orioles prefer one part sugar to six parts water. Boiling the water will ensure that the nectar is safe for hummingbirds to drink and will help to prevent spoilage. Never use honey or red food coloring in your feeder. They are not safe for hummingbirds. If you have extra nectar, you can always refrigerate it for up to two weeks.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of nectar feeders is essential! Mold grows easily in nectar feeders, and this can cause diseases for the hummingbirds at your feeder. Special port-sized brushes are available to help keep your nectar feeder clean and prevent the spread of disease.

Nectar feeders are usually glass or plastic tubes that have small feeder tips at the bottom. Birds can use the feeder tips to access the nectar. When using a nectar feeder, ants and other insects can be a big problem as they also enjoy nectar. To avoid feeding all the insects in your garden, look for a nectar feeder that has insect resistant feeder tips. You can also add an ant moat above your feeder. Fill these moats with water and ants won't be able to access your feeder. Ants won't cross petroleum jelly, so you can also spread petroleum jelly on the feeder's hangar to prevent ants from accessing your feeder. Many hummingbird feeders are quite ornate. They make great gifts. When shopping for a nectar feeder, you should look for the following amenities:

  • How easy is the feeder to clean? Nectar feeders require regular maintenance. Some hummingbird feeders are more difficult to disassemble and clean. For easy cleaning, get a feeder that disassembles easily and doesn't have parts that are difficult to reach.
  • What is the capacity of the feeder? The larger the feeder capacity, the less time you will spend refilling the nectar.
  • How many feeding ports are available? More feeding ports mean that more birds can feed at the same time.
  • Is the nectar feeder insect-resistant? Some of the feeding tips on nectar feeders allow easy access to insects and ants. Insect-resistant feeders use feeding tips that help to minimize this problem. Some feeders also use a moat with makes it difficult for ants to access the feeder. If the feeder you are interested in doesn't have an ant moat, you can easily purchase an ant moat to hang above your feeder.
  • How is the feeder decorated? Some nectar feeders are simple glass tubes with ports at the bottom. Others are works of art! Ornate feeders can be a welcome addition to your backyard decor.

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