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Create a Customized Pole System

Creating a customized pole system is easy! Just answer a few questions below and you'll find everything you need to start a pole system in your backyard.

Where do you want to mount your pole system?

Deck-Mounted Pole
Ground-Mounted Pole

What do you want to mount to the top of your pole?

Bird Feeder on Top
Bird Feeder
Bird House on Top
Bird House
1 Curved Locking Arm
Curved Locking Arm for 1 Large Feeder
2 Curved Locking Arms
Curved Locking Arms for 2 Large Feeders

In addition to the items you are top-mounting, how many other small items like plants and hummingbird feeders do you want to hang off your pole system?

What other options do you need?

Ground Auger for Extra Stability
Recommended for Ground-Mounted Poles
Seed Tray
Seed Tray
Water Dish
Water Dish