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Learn More About Hummingbirds

Keep Feeders Clean
Hummingbirds are extremely loyal to feeding sites. A hummingbird that feeds in your yard one year will return to that feeder the next. If you aren't attracting as many hummers as you want, read on! As the male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is so territorial, one key is to offer lots of feeders. We have available over a dozen different kinds-no matter what kind of feeders you decide to use, remember two Golden Rules: Keep the feeder clean and the nectar fresh. Hummingbirds keep their distance from fermented nectar.

Perhaps hummers understand that they need a clear head for their acrobatic flying. Fermented nectar can support the growth of deadly molds. If a hummingbird gets a taste of fermented nectar from your feeder, it will look elsewhere for a drink and remain suspicious of the offending feeder for a long time.

We often get asked the following from those who feed hummers:

Q. How can I keep Bees and Wasps away from my feeders?
A. Use a Flat Top Feeder (Best One, Droll Yankee, Aspects), where the nectar is not at the feeding port-Hummers can reach-Wasps and Bees cannot. Another tip-Put Avon "Skin So Soft" on the opening of your feeder.

Q. How can I keep Ants out of my feeder?
A. Buy a new feeder with "Nectar Guard Tips" or hang a Nectar Protector Ant Moat above your feeder and fill it with water (ants can't swim)!!
Offer Lots of Feeders Protected From Ants

My favorite combo-A Best One Feeder or Bird Company Feeder with a Clear Nectar Protector Ant Moat above it!! Easy to fill and clean-Means-No ants and Lots of Hummers!!