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Attract Wild Birds to Your Backyard

Attract Wild Birds

Some birders simply want to enjoy some time outdoors watching common birds. Others are more interested in identifying rarer species. Avid birders travel great distances to observe a variety of birds. Whatever your level of interest, birding can be a lot of fun!

This guide contains everything you need to start attracting wild birds into your yard. Watching birds in your own backyard can often be the most rewarding way to observe birds. If you create a space that birds will enjoy, you may be surprised by the response. Some of the behaviors you observe may fascinate you. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

To create a space for your feather friends, you will want to consider the basics:
  • Food - Bird Feeders
  • Water - Bird Baths or Ponds
  • Shelter - Bird Houses
  • Safety - Windows and Predators
  • Space - Landscaping
This guide will cover all the basics, step-by-step. To start, you should consider bird feeders. Providing an ample supply of food is the simplest and quickest way to begin attracting wild birds.