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Feeding Clinging Birds

Tail Prop Suet Feeder
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Like most other birds you want to attract, the Clingers love black oil sunflower seeds, or better yet, hulled out sunflower kernels. What's good is that their clinging ability lets you provide sunflower kernels in feeders like the Clingers OnlyTM that other birds have trouble using.

Provide peanuts or tree nut pieces, and every Clinger in the neighborhood will make sure they stop and visit you!!

High-Energy Suet is a favorite of Clingers. Either provide the white suet from a butcher, or present one of the available cakes. The best cakes are those that contain only suet, peanuts, and peanut butter!

As Clingers can hang on a suet log feeder, suet logs are a great way to feed Clingers. Often, this is the most used feeder in your backyard! Ready to use suet plugs are available.