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Feeding Cardinals

Vista Hopper Feeder

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The preferred seeds of the Cardinal are black oil sunflower and safflower, or a mixture of both. The Cardinal's large bill also allows them to crack open the larger striped sunflower seeds.

The Cardinal is really not a hard bird to please. Provide his favorite seeds and the Cardinal will often be your first bird to feed in the morning, and the last at night. In the spring, you'll enjoy seeing the male Cardinal offer the female a carefully selected seed as part of their mate feeding ritual.

Cardinals are ground feeders; however, they will feed on flat surfaces. Thus, wood or recycled plastic platform feeders (hopper, fly through, and open platform) placed five feet or so above ground level are ideal to attract them. Note that the perches on most tube feeders are too small to allow Northern Cardinals to comfortably feed. To attract Cardinals, you must attach a tray, and we have a tray for nearly every tube feeder made!