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Birding Depot

Birding Depot started as a blog sport in 2016 then relaunched as a standard blog at the beginning of 2019.

This website was created by Michael to be an outlet for any bird-related ramblings he has and a place for him to share useful articles about bird photography, birding in the digital age, and fun things for bird lovers in general.

Who are you?

Michael Woodley

My name is Michael Woodley. I’m an early-30s birder living in a small house with a beautiful wife, two kids, and a large beautiful garden in Camp Verde, Arizona.

We are bird lovers! Feeding and playing with birds is my hobby since I was a boy, and now, I share my passion with my family. Birds are part of our life. We go birding nearly every weekend, and I am always on a quest to see a new bird and learn something new!

We love birds and bird watching, and we’re here to provide fellow birders with useful and accurate information.

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Happy birding!