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The Best Bedding for Bird Cages in 2024

best bedding for bird cages

A lot of bird caretakers must have run into the problem of their pets producing wastes inside the cage without any liners to handle them. Making use of old newspapers at home is an urgent solution, but I know it will not be beneficial for your bird in the long run. Instead, getting to know the bedding for your bird cages.

With a bedding acted as an absorbing layer on the bottom of the bird cage, all of your concerns about cleaning up after your pets will exist no more. Some beddings even reduce stress and make your bird warm and comfortable. Therefore, I am here to help you discover the best bedding for bird cages.

Best Bedding for Bird Cage Reviews

1. Kaytee Walnut Birds Bedding

kaytee walnut birds bedding

If you want to get a safe bird bedding for both your pet bird and its cage, I advise you to take a look at this Kaytee Walnut Bedding. There are two size options of 18L and 320 Cu in (5.2L), but I would recommend first-time users to purchase the smaller weight and try it out in advance to see whether it pleases you.

The reason this bedding is safe is due to its natural crushed walnut shells, which is clean and sometimes even used for pincushion filling purposes. The shells have been carefully processed to be 99% dust-free, eliminating most dust and debris left in other products. It does not leave any color residue as well.

During your later cleanup of the bedding, I bet you will be surprised by how easy you can clean the bird cage and remove this litter. This walnut bedding absorbs smells quite good and is really easy to be scooped out of the cage. In case you accidentally spill the litter out, you can still use the vacuum to clean it.

Unfortunately, I found out that there are some unexpected holes in the bottom of this walnut bedding. This major problem caused the entire bedding package to leak and spill all over the place, which made it difficult to clean up properly. I hope small but relevant details like this would be noticed more in the future.

What We Liked
  • Offers 2 large and small package sizes
  • Comprises natural crushed walnut shells
  • 99% dust-free, does not leave residues
  • Can be scooped out and vacuumed
What We Didn't Like
  • May include holes on the pack bottom

When you first received the bedding package, remember to check for holes on its bottom to avoid spillage. Besides that, I believe the Kaytee Walnut Bedding is safe and long-lasting to be non-contact bedding for your pet bird. There will be no dust produced in use, and the after-cleaning is certainly a great breeze.

2. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

small pet select natural paper bedding

This soft, comfortable newspaper bedding of Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding is specifically made for small pets, such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, or guinea pigs. Although its 56L packaged size may look small, you will get its 3X expansion in volume once you open it and fill up the little animal cages.

The bedding for bird cages is made entirely from natural paper so it is highly reliable for most small animals to make contact with. There are no additives added to this litter and it does not produce any unwanted dust. If the cage has an unpleasant smell you want to get rid of, use this absorbent bedding right away.

Its most major downside is probably related to water soaking. Because when you let one of the bedding flakes get wet, it would leach into the whole spread of bedding and soak up everything. This defection makes it quite inconvenient and time-consuming for bird owners to replace the old litter and clean up the cage.

What We Liked
  • Ideal for all kinds of small animals
  • Expands 3 times larger than size
  • Reliable 100% natural paper material
  • No additives and wholly dust-free
  • Absorbs unpleasant smells well
What We Didn't Like
  • Can soak up everything if gets wet

Because the Small Pet Select bedding for bird cages is suitable for almost all kinds of small animals and expands much larger than its package, I am happy choosing this product. The natural paper material does not include additives so even if your bird accidentally consumes this, it would not be too harmful.

3. MOACC Winter Warm Bird Nest

moacc winter warm bird nest

The hanging fluffy nest house from MOACC offers you 3 different sizes and clear specifications, each is suggested for tiger skins, finches, cockatiels, or parakeet bedding. This hangable hammock is made out of soft fleece so it is really comfortable to be used as a bird bed or a bird sleeping hut for your pet.

During cold winter seasons, your small birds would feel absolutely safe and protected inside this confined fluffy space. Also, their stress and boredom can be alleviated when surrounded by this exciting environmental stimulation. Its package comes with an extra bilateral hook for the nest to be easily portable.

However, you have to be extremely careful with the internal furniture of this fluffy bird nest house. The threads inside it can become frayed but you barely notice small details like this. This means the inner hammock finish is not completed and frayed, which stands a chance of wrapping around the pet’s neck.

What We Liked
  • 3 different sizes for different animals
  • Made from fleece for comfort in use
  • Produces safety and relieves stress
  • Easily portable with bilateral hooks
What We Didn't Like
  • The internal threads are often frayed

This MOACC hanging nest house would definitely be listed among safe bird beds if the brand upgrades its internal furnishing. I see its 3 sizes availability as flexible and will reach a wider range of pet bird owners than other regular beddings. Hang this hammock in its cage to create stress-free stimulation.

4. Critters Comfort Bird Bedding

critters comfort bird bedding

Aside from being organic coconut bird cage litter, this Critters bird bedding is widely recommended as high-quality nesting material for canaries, parrots, macaws, cockatoos, etc. Simply because it includes natural coconut fiber that delivers a soft earth-like texture, most suitable for cushioning and comfort for birds.

When your pet bird takes advantage of the coconut bedding to make a cozy nest in its cage, this material needs to be low-odor and does not mold over time. Luckily, this particular bird litter is able to absorb most moisture and odors in the cage, as well as preventing mold and mildew as a natural pet deterrent.

The best news for recycling lovers is that you can totally recycle the natural coconut fiber bird bedding after you are done with the pet. It does not consist of any fragrances, aromatic oils, chemicals, or pesticides so it will make a nutrient-rich compost and mulch for your garden. This pack is such a fantastic bargain.

As far as I am concerned, this type of fiber bedding might not be the most ideal for small birds. They have small beaks, therefore, they are in more favor of short, thin strips or the string-type material than natural coconut. You should take note of this detail to make sure your pet bird at home would enjoy this bedding.

What We Liked
  • Great for birds to create a nest
  • Has an earth-like and soft texture
  • Absorbs moisture & mold-resistant
  • Does not include harmful toxicants
  • Reusable as compost or mulch
What We Didn't Like
  • Not the best choice for small birds

The Critters Comfort coconut bedding for birds has got to be one of the most versatile bird litter packages I have ever experienced. Supporting its primary task of absorbing the bird’s waste is how your pet can use this as a nest creating tool. You needn’t throw it away as well since it is recyclable for your garden.

5. Sunseed Natural Corn Cob Bedding

sunseed natural corn cob bedding

Here is another popular bird bedding material, which is the natural corn cob bedding for birds by the brand Sunseed. This corn cob has been grown directly in the USA and carefully qualified to produce the best bedding for your pet bird. There are no fragrances or artificial dyes included inside this cob.

I often use this package both as soft bedding for small animals like rabbits and as ultra-absorbent bird litter for canaries, finches, lovebirds, parakeets, etc. It works with all life stages of your pets. Moreover, this bedding is biodegradable to produce less environmental footprint and reusable as your garden mulch.

Out of all reasons for someone to hesitate to purchase the natural bird corn cob bedding, I think its expensive price plays the largest role. The package is labeled to consist of 350 Cu in of corn cob, which is not that large for such a high price to pay. It cannot fill up evenly on the bottom of a large bird cage.

What We Liked
  • 100% USA-grown and selected
  • Does not include artificial dyes
  • Acts as bedding and birds litter
  • Biodegradable for later reuses
What We Didn't Like
  • High price with not much weight

Thanks to the USA-grown great quality of this Sunseed Natural Corn Cob Bedding for Birds, I know that a lot of pet owners will feel satisfied getting a package for their bird cages. It does not comprise any harmful additives or artificial dyes so the recycling process afterward would be delightful for the owner.

6. Pestell Pet Products Corn Cob Bedding

pestell pet products corn cob bedding

The Pestell Pet Products love bird bedding made out of corn cob is also a natural, reliable material to be used as daily bird litter. This bedding for birds can be easily cleaned up after absorbing all of the moisture and odors needed inside their cage. Some owners even use the corn cob for hamster bedding.

With a vast amount of 5 pounds per package, the product is proven to be an excellent choice for owners of more than one pet. This means you are able to fill this natural corn cob bedding into a large cage of 2 to 3 pet birds at the same time. I can guarantee that there will be enough bird litter for all of them.

I am pleased that the organic bird bedding does not cause any dissatisfaction or inconvenience for most of its users. It is quite comfortable for birds to lay on as well as absorbing their waste in the most hygienic way. That is why you should definitely purchase one of this corn cob bedding to try for your bird cage.

What We Liked
  • Made out of natural, organic corn cob
  • Absorbs moisture and odors quite well
  • Can be easily used for hamster cages
  • 5-lb weight for more than a pet at once
What We Didn't Like
  • No defections have been found so far

This biodegradable bedding from Pestell Pet Products has proven to be one of the most beneficial litters for owners of more than one pet, such as a bird and a hamster. You can freely apply the corn cob bedding into both of their cages without the fear of this package running out soon. It will clean up all the odors.

7. Kaytee Kay-KOB Bedding

kaytee kay-kob bedding

After checking out the walnut litter bedding, the Kaytee Kay-KOB bird cage flooring will be another high-quality option that you should take a close look at. From a low size of 5 pounds per package, pet bird owners can choose to buy 8, 25 to 40 premium bedding pounds that are 99.9% dust-free for the bird cage.

Because the natural cobs are stored inside and away from dirt, having this bedding will guarantee you maximum odor control in the cage. It is much cleaner than most available brands on the market as well. When you clean up this litter, it will neither stick nor cling onto the cage’s surface for easy removal.

My advice when you first received the bedding package is that you should check whether it has any signs of leaking holes or an unpleasant smell of mold. In case of molding from the very start, you should return the package right away because this bedding has become incredibly toxic to make contact with birds.

What We Liked
  • Offers from 5 up to 40 lbs per pack
  • Guarantees 99.9% free from dust
  • Enables maximum control of odors
  • Does not stick or cling for removal
What We Didn't Like
  • Creates an unpleasant molding smell

I am highly fond of bedding packages for bird cages that offer pet owners a wide range of weight like this Kaytee Kay-KOB Bedding & Litter. This is because you will be able to experience the product with a little amount first, and then you can decide to continue buying it if the bedding quality is satisfying.

8. LeerKing Hammocks Cage Bedding

leerking hammocks cage bedding

Many people are concerned that adding a hammock bedding to the bird cage would take up too much of their space. Fortunately, all of the available sizes from S to L of this LeerKing hammock for birds are innovatively space-saving. It does not take up too much space and leaves the bird with enough privacy.

Other than a variety of animal applications for this hammock such as rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, hamsters, squirrels, it can make an awesome baby bird bedding. The nest hut comes with a flexible half-door design, which is able to be flattened or raised as you wish to stop the pet from running outside.

I fancy the combination of soft flannel and high resilient sponge for its material so the bird hammock bedding will not lose hair or fade its colors out easily. There is no stimulation made to the bird skin to avoid allergies. This hammock is machine washable and hangable with the provided bilateral hook in the package.

Personally, I am not a fan of how this bird hammock nest hut has to be zipped together, and that its front small lap is velcro. Small animals such as hamsters and chinchillas can be highly attracted to the zipper and chew right through the bedding. Though it is not a major disadvantage, I suggest having it fixed.

What We Liked
  • Available in 3 sizes from S to L
  • Does not take up too much space
  • Suitable for a wide range of pets
  • Includes a flexible half-door design
  • Made out of flannel and sponge
  • Machine washable and hangable
What We Didn't Like
  • Should not include a zipper design

I consider this LeerKing hammock nest hut as the best bedding for budgies thanks to its high-quality material, multiple sizes, being machine washable, and the smart half-door design in the front. These features are combined with perfection to create a premium, comfortable hammock for all types of small animals. You should better put this product on the top of your bedding list.

9. Prevue Pet Products BPV105 Coconut Fiber Nest

prevue pet products bpv105 coconut fiber nest

Since natural coconut fiber is considered an effective parrot bedding, I would like to introduce another product made of this material from the brand Prevue Pet Products. You can choose from a single pack to 2 pieces to purchase at the same time to create a larger coverage of bedding for the bird inside their cage.

What I like most about natural coconut fiber bedding is its dryness and the ability to absorb other types of moisture really well. It does not produce any unwanted dust during use and cleanup to pose a threat to your health. If I were you, I would love to take advantage of it to build a nest and hide-out for birds.

In spite of being an organic and safe material to make bedding for bird cages, I am worried about this litter being too wiry for most birds to manage. In some cases, the little animal even got trapped or strangulated into this pile of fiber. That is why I suggest you consider thoroughly before buying any bird bedding.

What We Liked
  • Available for 1 & 2 packs at once
  • Offers dryness and absorption
  • Does not produce any dust in use
  • Ideal for nest & hide-out building
What We Didn't Like
  • Too wiry and easily trap the bird

I think that the natural coconut fiber bedding from Prevue Pet Products is a great deal to try out for your bird cage at home, especially with its reasonable price. Being completely dry helps this litter bedding to absorb moisture easier, without producing redundant dust or make a big mess when you clean up afterward.

10. QBLEEV Hammock Bird Nest Cage Bed

qbleev hammock bird nest cage bed

Last but not least is another high-quality hangable hammock that can be used as a comfortable bird cage lining. The QBLEEV Store soft bird hammock has 2 sides of furnishing, the external material is soft velvet, and its inner plush is thickened to be warmer. This hammock can be a great resting and sleeping place.

Throughout exclusive sleeping tests on birds, such a soft hanging hammock is proven to help them feel safer and also alleviate their stress, which results in better sleeping. There is an extra hook in the package for owners to hang it in place or right in the cage as a decoration, the small nest will not cost much space.

I find out that this soft hammock is not only designed for small birds such as conures, parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, but it can also be a great sleeping place for hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, etc. With a useful and inexpensive, diverse hanging nest like this, most owners would be happy.

The only flaw that I feel the need to talk about in this soft bird hammock is its limitation in sizing. Although it has been specified for small birds and animals, this cannot be entirely correct for all available cases. I would recommend the brand to provide a wider range of hammock sizes instead of one design like this.

What We Liked
  • Includes two sides of furnishing
  • Reduces stress for better sleeping
  • Has extra hooks for easy hanging
  • Suitable for many small animals
What We Didn't Like
  • Has a limitation in sizing options

If the QBLEEV Store hammock bedding for birds had more variable sizes, it would have been further praised and attracted many more pet owners. But in my opinion, the soft hangable bedding is still worthy of at least one of your tryouts in the future. Its low, reasonable price is a major bonus for low-budget users.

What to Look for When Buying a Bedding for Bird Cage?

corn cob bedding for birds

Before deciding to purchase fine bedding for bird cages, I know that you ought to check out a few important criteria. So what is it that you should look for if you are planning to buy a bird cage bedding? Follow my comprehensive guide to find out the key factors that determine the overall quality of bedding for bird cages.

Bedding Material

Bedding for bird cages would be made from natural, organic, and (sometimes) recyclable materials to turn into mulch if it is the litter type. Other popular bedding materials in multiple products that I can name are natural corn cob, paper, crushed walnut, coconut fiber, or bird cage sand.

Another famous type of bird bedding has got to be the hanging hammock nest hut, which is created with soft, fluffy fleece or plush material for high comfort and warmth. It has been proven that such a relaxing bedding material would be able to alleviate stress for your pet, as well as enabling a great resting environment.

No matter what type the bedding is, its primary rule has to be soft and comfortable for the bird to live in their cage with a positive mood. Your pet is both protected by this exciting environment and still has a bunch of room to play around. Do some research about each bedding material’s pros and cons beforehand.

Applicable Bird Types

Hammock beddings are often manufactured in diverse sizes to suit different types of pet birds. Budgies, parakeets, parrots, lovebirds, finches, conures, cockatoos, canaries, cockatiels, etc. do not grow into the same size so you should pick the hammock size carefully in advance.

However, you should know that some litter beddings are not ideal for small birds because their curious small beaks will happen to mess with the litter and consume them. Even a small amount is risky for their health. Besides birds, owners of rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, hedgehogs can also use hammock bedding.

This case also applies to a hammock bedding when it is only manufactured in one single size for all. Therefore, you should carefully check out the bedding’s specification in advance to see whether your pet at home would fit into it in the long run. You would not want to buy a new one whenever your bird grows a little.

Package Capacity

My personal tip is to always go for the smallest weight option first unless you have witnessed the effects of a particular bird cage bedding in person. Or else, you would highly likely end up having plenty of useless bedding for bird cages that you cannot use and are not satisfied with.

From my perspective, getting a bedding package of approximately 5 pounds from the start will be ideal. You can spend time experiencing its effectiveness on your pet bird for a while, then decide whether it is suitable to continue. After that, feel free to purchase up to 40 pounds of litter bedding for your pet birds.

In addition, purchasing a great package capacity of bird bedding in your first time would make it difficult for storage. Natural, organic litter beddings are prone to getting molds and mildews if not properly stored. I believe you will not be happy seeing a huge bedding package in the house that can no longer be used.

What is a Bedding for Bird Cages?

A bedding is simply understood as an extra layer to lay flat on the bottom of a bird cage. It provides the pet with either a nesting or excreating place, in some cases, one bedding can solve both of these problems. There are versatile types of bedding to choose from and it is seen as a wonderful solution for bird owners.

How Does it Work?

A bedding becomes an additional layer on the bottom of the bird cage to keep it warm and comfortable. It could either make direct contact or none with the pet. Most beddings are used to absorb waste, and odors for owners to clean up the bird cage in a more hygienic way and keep track of the bird’s health.

What are the Different Types of Bedding for Bird Cages?

best bedding for budgies

Litter Bedding

The litter bedding would absorb waste, moisture, odors, and anything else produced by the bird in its cage (for example wood shavings for bird cages). It is carefully processed to become as safe and relaxing for the pet as possible because some are not recommended for direct contact.

In my opinion, not only should litter bedding be made from natural, organic material but it also ought to be toxic-free because birds can be curious and consume this. Having this type of bird bedding is certainly beneficial for direct excretion inside the cage. It is often sold at a large quantity and a low price range.

Hammock Bedding

Different from litter bedding, a hammock is made from soft material such as fleece and plush. Moreover, it is small enough (no matter the size) to leave spacious room in the cage for the bird to play around. A soft and comfortable hammock is effective in cold seasons to keep the pet warm.

In terms of the hammock bedding design, it is usually manufactured in the shape of a nest hut that is hangable with a provided hook and easily portable around. Some model even includes an adjustable half door, which is helpful in stopping the bird from getting out in case it is injured or the cage is opened.

A hammock bedding enables a fine stimulation to refresh the environment in the bird cage. It is popular for reducing stress in most birds and delivering a sense of safety. It should be made with no redundant threads so as the bird will not accidentally wrap their neck around and ends up trapped without your knowing.

Because there are two separate different types of bedding for bird cages as presented, I suggest you clarify your purpose of use from the start to buy the exact bedding your bird needs. Although a litter bedding can also become a place to rest on, I do not recommend having your pet make direct contact with it.

Why do you Need a Bedding for Bird Cage?

As I have explained earlier, there are two common types of bird bedding and each of them plays a certain role inside the cage. The litter bedding absorbs the bird’s waste right inside the cage, while a hammock provides a soft, comfortable layer of cushion for the bird to rest on. Both are fantastic to give a try.

Not only can you solve the issue of your bird’s excretion inside the cage, but you can also provide them with a comfortable stimulation to play around. Your evaluation on the bird’s overall health would also be enhanced by having an extra cage bedding. A loving owner will never refure buying their bird a nice bedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

wood shavings for bird cages

What are the Good Bedding for Bird Cage Brands?

If you are in the search for the most trusted manufacturers for durable bird cage liners, this is the right place to find them through my guidance. Critters Comfort, Prevue Pet Products, Sunseed, QBLEEV Store, MOACC, LeerKing, Pestell Pet Products, Kaytee, Small Pet Select are popular names in this field.

Most of their bird cage beddings are made to live up to a premium standard that can satisfy a wide range of pet owners. From the high-quality materials, versatile applications to multiple sizing choices, I believe that pet bird owners will be more than pleased to purchase a bird cage bedding from one of these brands.

Are Pine Shavings Safe for Birds?

Unless the bird ingests this material, untreated pine shavings are considered safe enough to be their cage bedding. However, a lot of pet owners do not prefer this due to impracticality. Unlike other organic materials, you will have to sift through the pine shavings before use to ensure no debris is stuck there.

Additionally, pine shavings allow small particles like dander to go down the cracks to the cage tray underneath. When the bird flaps its wings, all kinds of dust might rise into the air and cause a health threat to its owners. You cannot remove dander simply by vacuuming and sweeping, so take note of this issue.

How to Install and Use it?

Litter Bedding

For litter bedding, check for leaking holes first to avoid unwanted spillage and air penetration that results in molds and mildews. Then you rip the package off and start pouring this bedding out into the bird cage. I advise you to spread it evenly on the cage’s bottom to create a flat surface.

After absorbing all the necessary waste, moisture, and odors in the bird cage, it is time for your cleanup and change it to another layer of litter bedding. My tip for natural, organic bird bedding is that you needn’t throw it away, use the litter to turn into mulch or compost for your garden and grow the plants instead.

Hammock Bedding

In terms of hammock bedding, a majority of them has been fully setup so bird owners needn’t do much to install. Just take it straight out from the package. This bedding is hangable with a provided hook, portable around the house so it can be placed in multiple positions outside the cage.

As I mentioned above, the hammock bedding is a resting and sleeping place rather than a layer of litter absorption for your bird. Your small pet only needs to lay down on this bedding and it can be lured to a good sleep in comfort. This type of bedding is usually space-saving and usable for a really long time.

How to Clean up and Take Care of it?

Litter Bedding

When your bird has used up a litter bedding layer, scoop it out to the trash can and either vacuum or sweep off the pieces that went outside. Most litter beddings do not stick onto the cage (which is a bless), even if get wet thanks to their great absorbency. Use it as garden mulch will also be ideal.

According to my experience, you should change the liner at least once to twice a week to make sure your bird will not have to walk on dropped food and debris from their toys. Store the rest of the opened package in a normal temperature room, away from sunlight and rain to maintain its effectiveness.

Hammock Bedding

For a hammock bedding, wipe the stains away with a wet cloth or give it a wash inside the machine, let dry under the sun, and continue using right after. Check the hammock bird cage bottom on a regular basis to find out if your bird made an excretion that requires urgent cleanup.

Where can I Buy it?

After getting to know the insights of reliable bedding for bird cages, I would introduce you to trustworthy addresses to purchase them. This list includes both of the most famous online websites and physical chain stores, including names like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Costco, Lowes, and Home Depot.

You would find all the essential beddings and other related accessories right here in these locations at a reasonable price range and firm warranty. Aside from the main manufacturers, the distributors here are highly trusted as well. Their customer service are mainly enthusiastic to solve all of your questions.


Have you gotten clearer about the best bedding for bird cages to equip for your pet bird at home right away? I believe that small, sensitive animals like birds should always be taken care of with dedication from the tiniest details. As a result, getting them a soft, comfortable, and flexible bedding is a brilliant gift.

In case you are not interested in the review bedding for bird cages here, do not worry. Just keep in mind and follow my tips and buying guide to help you out in your shopping time in the near future. I hope you can select an excellent bird bedding to install at home for your small pet. Thank you for reading this.

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