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The Best Bluebird Houses for 2024

best bluebird houses

Bluebirds are considered one of the loveliest birds in the world. However, their population dropped drastically due to the rapid decline of their natural habitat and competition for nesting places with other birds. Because of this unfortunate turn of events, the only way of sustaining their population is by introducing birdhouses. If you are into birdwatching and you want to see bluebirds in your area, you need to get the best bluebird houses that can help them get the food and shelter that they need.

However, getting the best bluebird house design is not an easy task. You need to learn a good deal about the different products that are being sold in the market these days. If you are on the lookout for one of these wonderful products, we can help you narrow down your search list. This way, you can bring home only the ones that can help you with your hobby and your mission to save these birds from extinction.

Best Bluebird House Reviews

1. Nature’s Way Products CWH3 Bluebird Box Houses

nature's way products cwh3 bluebird box houses

This product is a game-changer and surprisingly exceeded my expectations. I love how these nesting boxes are beautifully-designed and durably constructed. It is made of cedar, and the outer part is meticulously stained. Also, the stainless steel rust-free hardware makes it resilient and lasting. They have stood up to the weather outside and blend perfectly in the environment.

Aside from that, it is also packed with innovative features. Starting with the useful air vents through the wall and the floor openings. It enhances the air quality and provides extra comfort for the birds and the young. The clean-out doors make cleaning and peeking quick and easy. A clean environment ensures a higher survival rate on birds, and predators are
less likely to visit. The opening hole is just the right size, and an added predator guard is extended to keep the birds safe.

There are also grooves below it so they can climb out, have a view of the world, and feed. The elevated mesh floor helps prevent insect infestations and rotting. I mounted it 8 feet above the ground on a metal pole near our porch so I can keep an eye on the nesting birds. I have a pair of bluebirds, and they seem to like their new home.

They could have used a harder wood for the predator guard. It works to prevent critters from disturbing the nest, yet a hungry perpetrator can still enlarge the opening and chew it off. Thankfully, we rarely have rodents in our yard and ours are still in good shape.

What We Liked
  • Sturdy construction and innovative design
  • Comes with a predator guard entrance
  • Made from cedar
  • Easy to install and maintain
What We Didn't Like
  • Critters can chew off the predator guard

Overall, the superb quality and ingenious design are outstanding. Aside from having the best bluebird house design, it also provided a safe shelter for my backyard bluebirds. If you are trying to put one in your yard, trust me, this one is worth a try.

2. Cozy Siskin Cedar Bluebird Houses


This beautifully-designed birdhouse was from Cozy Siskin. Right after mounting it, I spotted a couple of bluebirds checking them out. That was a quick and unexpected delight! It may look like a typical birdhouse, but on the other hand, the features make it exceptional. I prefer this untreated and natural cedar wood because it lowers the chance of visits from harmful predators and sparrows. It also inhibits insects and unwanted bugs. The unique gable roof is a nice touch that will shed water and snow swiftly. In addition to that, this keeps the box from overheating on hotter days. Birds are well-ventilated using the spaces from the gable-end, the right side of the box, and the bottom drainage/ventilation.

These days, I have chickadees and bluebirds settled into the birdhouses. Thanks to the durable predator guard, they are safe from critters. It extends the opening hole and makes it difficult for intruders to get in and harm the eggs. Cleaning between broods is super! I only twist the latch that opens the side of the box easily. Inside are kerf cuts, that served as a fledgling ladder for young birds to safely climb up to the entrance.

Thanks to the superb design, cleaning this birdhouse is very easy. All I have to do is to lift the hatch door and remove the poop and other unwanted elements inside the nest box. Because of this, I can attend to other important things in the area that needs my attention.

The package includes washers and wood screws for a stress-free mounting. I placed them 10 feet apart and five feet high to fend off tree swallows. However, the box dimensions on the description are not accurate after measuring it. It is too small for house sparrows but fits smaller birds such as bluebirds, chickadees, and wrens.

What We Liked
  • Made of cedar
  • Features a distinct gable roof and interior fledgling ladder
  • Includes a diamond predator guard
  • Ventilated and easy to clean
  • Includes a mounting hardware
What We Didn't Like
  • The dimensions are not accurate to the description

Nonetheless, this is a functional product loved by my backyard birds. Not only will it attract more birds, but it will also maintain the activity in your yard. With sheltered boxes like this, a flock is more likely to move in this time of year.

3. Woodlink NABB Audubon Bluebird Houses

woodlink nabb audubon bluebird houses

These Audubon bluebird birdhouses are simple, well-built, and untreated. Each features a 1.56-inch entrance hole that is just right for small birds to get in and too small for unwanted birds. Made from cedar, they are durable and have withstood two seasons so far. I like how comfortable the birds are during the summer. Since the wood is porous and thick enough, it provided better insulation. Vents are also present to ensure proper air circulation and a haven to create a nest.

It comes fully assembled, and you can easily mount it on a tree or a fence. Cleaning it at the end of the season has been a breeze using the easy-open latch on the lower right side of the box. It also makes weekly monitoring trouble-free. I also like that I can easily convert it into a roosting box. I plan to leave it out, put some twigs for the bedding, and plug the vents so the birds can spend the winter with us before migration.

However, this model lacks a predator guard. I made some baffles using scrap woods to prevent squirrels from entering and gnawing on the entrance hole. Predator guards are low-cost, and you can always buy one or make one yourself to protect the hatchlings.

What We Liked
  • Crafted with natural cedar
  • Easy to clean
  • With proper ventilation
  • Includes an easy-open latch
What We Didn't Like
  • Hungry predators may disrupt the nest (predator guard can be added)

Nonetheless, it is easy to use, inexpensive, and functional. I had great success in providing a temporary shelter for my feathered friends. With this quality product, we had fun watching baby birds hatching and learning to fly up-close. It is a must-have essential for birders to welcome and host bluebirds throughout the seasons

4. JCs Wildlife Ultimate Bluebird Houses

jcs wildlife ultimate bluebird houses

This gray-blue and good-looking bird box makes a beautiful attraction not just for the birds but also to our yard. Having UV protection, it won’t fade abruptly compared to other brands. Looking at the structure, you would know that it is an extremely durable and high-quality product. Well, this is made of recycled and stain-proof poly lumber and benefits both the environment and the community.

Inside, there are notches to help the birds enter and exit the box. A stainless mesh riser is also located on the bottom to hold the nest up off the floor. It allows for easy cleaning and air circulation. Marked on the door is the word “View” and the other side says “Clean.” You can also see the nest using the one side door that opens to a viewing window.

Installation was quick and easy because it uses an auger-type pole just like the original Squirrel Stopper Pole System. The all-screwed assembly also uses stainless steel screws and routed edges with a twist and lock mechanism. I love how it stood up to strong winds with ease.

Sadly, the pole is not squirrel-proof. It doesn’t have a built-in anti-squirrel mechanism or accessory. This is dangerous especially when the bluebirds are laying eggs. Frequent disturbance may cause the birds to leave the nest and abandon the eggs. What I did is used an old feeder baffle to keep the squirrels at bay. Baffles are not costly, better to get one and ensure your birds and the safety of their eggs.

What We Liked
  • Includes a heavy-duty mounting pole
  • Made of poly lumber material
  • Includes a predator guard
  • Rust-resistant and galvanized
  • Easy to install
What We Didn't Like
  • The pole is not squirrel-proof

Despite this minor issue, this birdhouse is stunning, sturdy, and worth the price. If you want a nesting box that will last, this product is your best shot. It has a positive impact on the environment, and the same goes for the birds taking shelter on it.

5. Wild Wings WWCH3 Blue Bird Box Houses

wild wings wwch3 blue bird box houses

The Wild Wings bluebird boxes have sheltered my beloved birds for over half a year now. The features are pleasantly impressive and effective in attracting these native birds. The material used on this is premium cedar that is resistant to moisture, decay, and insect. Not only that, it was put together using stainless steel and rust-free hardware. No wonder it is still in good condition and most likely will last for another year or two.

I like that this product has an innovative design but not costly. The entrance hole is around 1.5 inches, and the birds prefer to nest here than the tree cavity. It has thicker walls and an extended slanted roof, with a water-based protective stain. It also features air vents to prevent overheating in the summer and provides proper air circulation that is crucial for nesting birds and their babies.

Thanks to the clean-out doors that open 90°, cleaning and monitoring the box have been hassle-free. Inside it is fledgling skerfs where the young can easily climb out when they are ready to leave the nest. Another exceptional feature is the added predator guard. It extends the entrance hole and improves nesting development. It also keeps predators away and increases the chicks’ survival. I mounted it on a metal pole with a cone baffle for added safety.

If there’s one thing that’s missing from this model, it would be the elevated mesh floor. It would be nice if it comes with it to help with drainage. That is the only drawback I have noticed so far.

What We Liked
  • Made from premium cedar
  • Have air vents and fledgling skerfs
  • Have clean-out doors for easy cleaning
  • Includes a predator guard
What We Didn't Like
  • This model did not come with an elevated mesh floor

Overall, the product is efficient in the field. In the late spring, a pair of bluebirds took up residence, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I highly recommend this bluebird house to those who are considering bird watching as their new hobby.

6. Wood Smith USA Blue Bird Houses

wood smith usa blue bird houses

As soon as I installed it on our fence post, I saw a little bluebird peeking inside the box. I’ve had these birdhouses for quite some time and have successfully sheltered a family of these beauties. I think the proper bluebird nest box placement also helps. It was fun watching them build a nest and nurture their offspring. Thanks to these well-built and durable birdhouses, we get to see nature up close.

This house is made from rustic red cedar and has no preservatives. It is all-natural, without harmful chemicals present. The entrance hole is around 1.5 inches that can lodge finches, wrens, blue jays, and a small woodpecker, alongside bluebirds and chickadees. It offers sufficient ventilation with the vents on top and a drain at the base of the box. The front panel allows easy access for cleaning and checking their nest and the chicks. I also like that it comes with weather-proof screws and makes a reliable and secure mounting. You can expect it to last for seasons.

However, there is one minor issue that really got me disappointed. Some parts and edges of this birdhouse are incredibly rough. It was as if the wood wasn’t sanded well enough to produce smooth corners. If you are not careful, you could get a sliver of wood on your hand. I sanded the coarse parts to get it smooth as possible.

What We Liked
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of untreated cedar
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to mount and clean
What We Didn't Like
  • The outer part has a rough-finish

Nonetheless, this birdhouse serves the bird’s needs well. It has protected the nest and the hatchlings from predators and elements. If you are planning to put up a quality birdhouse, it’s tough to find a better option than Wood Smith USA. Oh! It makes a delightful gift to backyard birders and enthusiasts too!

7. Tenforie Bird Feeder Houses

tenforie bird feeder houses

What I love about this product is that it works as a bird feeder and a birdhouse. It is pretty useful and at the same time decorative and complements our garden. Also, this product has the right size of the hole for bluebird house. I filled the ledge with a variety of bird seeds, and to my surprise, we had warblers, goldfinches, and little blue jays inspect the box and munch on the treats. When spring comes, I take a break from filling the feeders so the bluebirds can nest and rear their baby birds.

Moreover, this product is handcrafted using the finest materials. The exterior is of high-grade plywood and the roof from pine shingles. Rest assured that this wooden house will last for a very long time. It is suitable in any region and any climate. You can hang it straight from the box with a wired rope or a hook. No assembly is needed, and maintenance is super easy. I clean it once or twice a week once the feeder is empty. It is lightweight and ideal as an indoor accessory and a patio or porch decor. For the cold months, small birds can use this as a roosting box to stay warm and hide from predators.

Finally, if you have decided to mount this in your property, it will certainly serve as a good decorative piece. If you mount this on a fence, it will add beauty to your yard or garden. In addition, little children will learn to appreciate bluebirds without leaving your property.

One minor con, it may twist and turn on strong winds and if two or more birds feed on the tray. I had to use a copper-coated wire and hang it with the entry hole and tray away from prevailing winds. It has minimized the risk of the birdhouse falling to the ground too.

What We Liked
  • Works as a feeder and a birdhouse
  • Adds beauty to the garden
  • Sturdy and beautifully designed
  • Attracts small birds such as warblers and goldfinches
What We Didn't Like
  • It may twist and turn if a flock of birds feeds on the ledge

Despite this, it is a cool two-in-one solution for birders to provide shelter and feed the birds. If you want a decorative and efficient birdhouse, Tenforie is your best pick. In my opinion, the quality-price ratio of this product is rather excellent.

8. Gray Bunny Bluebird Houses

gray bunny bluebird houses

In preparation for the breeding season, I tossed some of our shabby backyard birdhouses. I was looking for a durable house to welcome the nesting birds. A lot of ready-made boxes are available online, and Gray Bunny got me covered with their high-quality bluebird houses.

The design is what I was contemplating, and the price fits the budget. There is no need to sand the exterior since it has a clean and smooth finish. Bluebirds can go back and forth the entrance hole without a hitch. Mounting it on a tree or a post is such a breeze because of the rear panel holes and incorporated screws.

It also sports a superior design using evergreen wood. The walls are about 2cm thick and provide additional warmth and help ensure healthy fledglings. I love the number of air vents too! It has one on the front panel, two on the sidewalls, and drainage is present on the bottom of the box. It also features a sturdy and rigid roof. A swing latch is also attached to the house to secure the birds inside. You can also easily remove and clean the nesting material through the easy-access front panel. Likewise, there are grooves on the front wall that serves as a ladder for the fledglings to climb out to the exit.

The only downside of this product is that it is not weather-resistant. There is no coating or sealant. But you can always apply raw linseed oil on the outside to prolong its life and protect it from the elements.

What We Liked
  • Made of quality materials
  • Has an extra thick roof
  • Has proper ventilation
  • Easy to mount and clean
What We Didn't Like
  • Not weather-proof

All in all, it has the essentials for a habitable birdhouse. I enjoy our outdoor space as much as my backyard birds do. If you are placing bluebird houses in your yard, look no further because Gray Bunny won’t let you down.

9. Heath Outdoor Products B-2-2 Bluebird Houses

heath outdoor products b-2-2 bluebird houses

What I like about this particular birdhouse is the fact that it is compact and durable. The birdhouse itself is lightweight. It can accommodate a maximum of three bluebirds, which is perfect especially if the birds have hatched their eggs. The cedar wood has been weather-proofed, that’s why it resists deterioration such as mold formation. The slanted roof, although simple in style, prevents rain snow from penetrating the interior by sliding it down. It also prevents larger birds from staying on the top of the birdhouse.

In terms of cleaning, it doesn’t take too much effort to accomplish it. Just a simple spatula, brush, together with soap and water will do the trick. With this, I can clean multiple birdhouse in such a little time without taking too much effort in the process.

The product came in fully-assembled, which means I didn’t need to do anything except to mount it on the yard. I chose to fix this birdhouse in the tree near our bedroom window by nailing it to the trunk. My only problem was the persistence of the squirrels who wanted to get a share of mealworms and fruits I provided for the bluebirds. To divert the squirrels away from the birdhouse, I have installed a squirrel feeder on a safe distance.

My only issue with this birdhouse is the fact that the hatch door is very tight. It takes a herculean effort to open the hatch door to see what’s going on inside the birdhouse. To fix this issue, I have adjusted the metal pin which serves as the hinge to loosen it a bit. This way, I can deliver the mealworms and fruits without exerting too much effort in the process.

What We Liked
  • Made from weather-resistant cedar
  • Can be pole-mounted or nailed to a tree/fence
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Comes fully-assembled
What We Didn't Like
  • The hatch door is very tight

After considering all the pros and cons, I can say that this product is a nice bluebird house. It is compact, durable, lightweight, and comes fully-assembled. If you want to provide a nesting place for the bluebirds in your area, this product is worth including in your shopping list.

10. Copper Spade Cedar Bluebird Houses

copper spade cedar bluebird houses

I am thoroughly impressed with this bluebird house. It is compact, cozy, durable, and weather-proof. It has an easy access compartment through a hatch door which opens and locks easily. The cedarwood has a distinct smell, which is a good indicator of its insect-proof property. This particular feature will save the birdhouse against termites and other insects that will disturb the bluebirds.

Meanwhile, I am glad that the design of the roof is dual-purpose. First, it prevents water from staying on top, thus slowing down the decay process. Next, it stops larger birds from perching on the birdhouse. Invasive and predator birds won’t be able to perch properly because of the slanted roof, thus keeping the bluebird and its eggs safe inside the birdhouse at all times. With this feature, I am confident that the bluebirds will have a great time laying their eggs, hatching, and fledging them.

Meanwhile, the entrance hole of this birdhouse is just right. Its 1 ½ inch diameter hole is perfect for the bluebirds to enter and leave the sanctuary of the birdhouse, but not enough for other invaders birds to use. With this, I am confident that the bluebirds can lay eggs and hatch them in peace.

While I approve of this birdhouse, my only concern is the fact that it easily cracks. I nailed the back portion of the birdhouse to a wooden post in the middle of an open field and it cracked. I immediately applied some plaster to hide the gaping crack to prevent small insects from thriving inside the birdhouse.

What We Liked
  • Easy open hatch door
  • Made from rot-resistant cedar wood
  • Entrance hole prevents larger birds from going inside
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact
What We Didn't Like
  • Cracks easily

After deliberating all of the features of this product, I can tell that Copper Spade’s Cedar Bluebird House is an investment worth every penny. It is compact, readily-assembled, easy to open, and easy to clean. Its design is very elegant, making it a nice addition to your garden. If you are thinking of buying a bluebird house, this one will satisfy you to no end.

11. DutchCrafters Gilbertson Bluebird Houses

dutchcrafters gilbertson bluebird houses

In terms of design, I can confidently say that I’m impressed. The cylindrical shape of the birdhouse eliminates any foothold that sparrows and other invasive birds can use to go inside. In addition, the roof’s smooth surface doesn’t let water stay longer. This is an important feature which prevents fungi from thriving in the birdhouse. The paint job, on the other hand, is neither excessive nor awkward. It mimics a branch of a tree that’s why the bluebirds are not afraid of it.

Another feature that I like about this sparrow resistant bluebird house is its ventilation. It has a semi circle opening under the roof to let air flow freely. Finally, the durability. Because it is made from PVC, I know that it will last for a long time. This is important because I don’t need to buy another one just to replace it.

Cleaning a birdhouse might be a tiresome task to some but it really is easy in my case. The smooth surface of the PVC material doesn’t let bird poop stick well. This gives me an edge in cleaning it by just simply scraping it using a simple spatula.

My biggest concern about this particular bluebird house is the lack of insulation. Last winter, a bluebird laid four eggs on this birdhouse. But because of the cold weather, only two were hatched. I was afraid that the female bluebird might leave the nest and find another one because it gets really cold inside. I had to wrap a recycled foam around the birdhouse to prevent the same unfortunate thing from happening again in the future.

What We Liked
  • 100% made from durable PVC materials
  • Elegant design
  • Can be mounted on a post or fence
  • Smooth roof surface prevents larger birds from staying
  • Weather-proof and rot-resistant
  • Easy to clean
What We Didn't Like
  • Not well-insulated

Once all of the features of this birdhouse have been considered, I can say that Gilbertson Bluebird House manufactured by Dutch Crafters is an excellent product. It is durable, easy to clean, and most importantly, weather-proof and rot-resistant. If you need to get a long-lasting birdhouse for the bluebirds in your area, this one is absolutely top-notch!

12. Kettle Moraine Eastern Bluebird Nest Boxes

kettle moraine eastern bluebird nest boxes

Of all the birdhouses I have seen so far, this one is my favorite. It has a simple yet elegant design. It is made of rot-resistant cedar wood, so I’m not worried that it will deteriorate if left in the open field for a long period of time. It also has a side door which I could use to check the condition of the bird and the eggs inside or give them mealworms and fruits, especially during the winter season.

The roof is slanted, which means no large birds or animals can stay on top of it without falling down. It is also ideal for repelling water to prevent the wood from early rotting. The acrylic viewing window is also excellent for looking at the birds without opening the side door. Finally, since this birdhouse is made of wood, it can be mounted on a wooden post or nailed to a tree. This way, it won’t be blown away in cases of storms or tornadoes.

Cleaning is also easy. The hinged side door gives me access to the interior portion of the nest box. If the hatching season is done, I just scoop the poop and whatever remains inside the birdhouse to prevent harmful bacteria and other microbes from thriving. I do this because I place the birdhouse near my house.

My only issue with this birdhouse is the plastic viewing window. I notice that it turns opaque over time. It has been a year since I purchased this birdhouse. Since it is getting harder to observe the bluebird inside the nest box through the viewing window, I have to open the side door instead just to see what’s going on inside.

What We Liked
  • Made from rot-resistant cedar wood
  • Has a hinged side door and plastic viewing window
  • With slanted roof
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% made in the USA
What We Didn't Like
  • The plastic viewing window turns opaque over time

Taking everything into consideration, I can say that the Kettle Moraine Eastern Bluebird Nest Box is a good choice. It is made from rot-resistant cedar wood, has a hinged side door, and a slanted roof. If you enjoy birdwatching, particularly bluebirds, this birdhouse will be perfect for them!

What to Look for When Buying a Bluebird House

bluebird house predator guard

Birdwatching may be an easy and rewarding hobby but getting a bluebird house is difficult and time-consuming. If this is your first time getting one, you should be aware that the task ahead is confusing and takes a lot of time and effort to understand. For this reason, you need to arm yourself with a good deal of information to sort out the best ones to the inferior ones. This way, you won’t have to waste your money on disappointing products.

In this time of global pandemic and quarantine, shopping for a bluebird house may become challenging. Here are the things that you need to bear in mind when shopping for a bluebird house:

Test the durability

Bluebird houses need to be durable to withstand the varying degree of pressure coming from the birds, the weather, and other outside factors that could deteriorate their condition. When shopping for a bluebird house, test its durability to determine if it will last a long time on your property. Check if every part was nailed, glued, or joined properly.

Determine the ease of installation

Depending on the design, there are some birdhouses that are a real pain to mount or install. If you have limited tools at your home, this will present a real challenge. This is also true if you have health issues that limit your movement. If you have

Check for other features

Other features such as weather, insect, and rot-resistance are worth knowing. Most birdhouses in the market these days only last a year or two because they do not have even one of these important features. These features will ensure the longevity of the birdhouse.

See if the parts in the package are complete

There are times that a package does not have a complete set of parts. If you bring home a bluebird house with incomplete parts, you will not be able to assemble it properly. This would be a waste of your time, effort, and money. Before bringing home a bluebird house, make sure that all the essential parts are included to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

Read customer reviews

Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to the details given by other customers. Because of this, they receive a defective, if not a complete faulty product at their doorsteps. If you are shopping for bluebird houses online, make sure that you learn everything about the product as much as you can. This is because reading customer reviews will give you a hint on how the product performs under various circumstances. It will also give you an opportunity to discover the product’s flaws that are usually not included in the official product description.

By doing these things, you can ensure that you’ll be getting the best bluebird house plans on your property. A good quality birdhouse will not only make your bird watching hobby better but also provide these birds a long-lasting home near their natural habitat. Also, the best ones can ensure that you will have a stress-free experience watching these birds fly around during this terrible time of the global pandemic.

What is a Bluebird House?


A bluebird house is a man-made nest where bluebirds can dwell. Contrary to popular belief, this artificial nest does not only house bluebirds but also house sparrows, house wrens, chickadees, and tree swallows. These birds are known to be cavity-dwellers, which means they live and nest on naturally-occurring cavities in trees, rock formations, and man-made structures. As naturally-occuring cavities that are found in nature are rare, this provides small birds fierce competition for nesting places. This is the primary reason why we should provide them a safe place to nest their eggs.

By giving these small birds a place to nest, you can ensure that these birds can continue to survive during the winter months. In addition, if you are into birdwatching, having a reliable bluebird house will help you gather more birds in your birdwatching area.

How does It Work?

Birdhouses work by providing a safe place for bluebirds and other local bird species to nest. It can be a small wooden box with a small hole for entrance or it can be a cylindrical PVC tube that can accommodate birds and bird food at once. It can be attached to the branch of a tree, to a special pole, to the fence, or to a special location on the exterior portion of your house.

What are The Different Types of Bluebird Houses?

There are different types of bluebird houses that you can either purchase or build, depending on your need and budget.

Here are some of the common types of bluebird houses:


A slot bluebird house is a wooden box that has a small opening on the top. This small opening is commonly referred to as the slot. The purpose of the slot opening is to better defend the small birds against larger predators and invaders. The front side of the slot birdhouse is a hatch door which opens downwards. This facilitates the easy cleaning and storage of bird food inside.


A Peterson birdhouse is a slanted box that is usually made of wood. The entrance is angled downward. It has a 1 ½ inch circular hole located in the center of the hatch door which serves as the bluebird’s entrance to the nest.

This particular birdhouse is named after Dick Peterson, who successfully rejuvenated the eastern bluebird population in Minnesota.


Gilbertson bluebird houses are cylindrical in shape.

The reason for this special shape is to prevent house sparrows from invading. In addition, the surface of the exterior portion of a Gilbertson birdhouse is very smooth, thus eliminating a ground for other invasive birds to claw their way in. This particular bluebird house is typically made from PVC pipes as it is already cylindrical. It has a 1 ½ inch diameter circular hole in the middle. The roof serves as the hatch door which you can use to access the nest.

This bluebird house is named after steve gilbertson of minnesota.


This bluebird house is a box-shaped nesting house that is made of wood. Just like the slot bluebird house, it has a hatch door to access the bird and the nest if there is a need. The only difference between a Gilwood and a Peterson is that the Gilwood’s entrance is a semi-circle hole with 1 ½ inch diameter that is located at the top of the hatch door. In addition, there is a small wire which reduces the clearance for larger birds. This way, the bluebird inside the box will not be disturbed or predated by larger and invasive birds in the area.

Just like the Gilbertson bluebird house, this one was designed by Steve Gilbertson.

Why do you Need a Bluebird House?

There are plenty of reasons why you should get a bluebird house. The first reason is to help the birds get a reliable shelter to help them nest their eggs. The condition of the environment is rapidly declining. Because of massive deforestation, the trees that are supposed to be the home of small birds have been burnt or cut down. If the birds don’t have a place to nest, it would be hard for them to lay eggs and give way to the next generation.

Another reason why you should get a bluebird house is to make your bird watching experience better. If birds have a fixed place to gather, it will make your bird watching hobby more convenient and pleasant. You don’t need to wait for them to gather in one spot anymore. Instead, you can gather and observe them in one safe place near your house or property. This way, you won’t need to leave the safety of your home just to get a clear view of the birds in your area.

The most important reason why you should get a bluebird house is to relieve your stress. The global pandemic has certainly caused mental stress to many people in the United States. One of the things that you can do to relieve the stress brought by isolation and quarantine is by watching local birds in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

bluebird house with pole

What are Good Bluebird House Brands?

Let’s face it; not all people can handle tools for DIY projects. Some get injured when using simple tools such as a hammer and nail. This is the reason why many companies have decided to sell woodcrafts for people to enjoy. If you love birdwatching, you certainly need to get a reliable birdhouse made by a trustworthy company to safely gather the birds that you like in one spot.

Here is a short list of the reliable bluebird house brands that you can begin your search with:

  • Nature’s Way Bluebird Store
  • Cozy Siskin
  • Woodlink
  • JCs Wildlife
  • Wild Wings Store
  • Wood Smith USA
  • Tenforie
  • Gray Bunny Store
  • Heath Outdoor Products Store
  • Copper Spade
  • DutchCrafters Store
  • Kettle Moraine

These brands have gained the support and approval of many delighted customers across the United States and even abroad. Not only these brands offer the best bluebird house design, but also provide the most enduring ones that will benefit you and the local community of birds in your area.

Which Way do You Face a Bluebird House?

Positioning the bluebird box properly is the first step of successful birdwatching. This will ensure that the little birds can enter and exit the house safely whenever they want to nest or fly around.

Bluebirds prefer their nests facing – according to their liking – east, north, south, and west. Even though this is the case, they can still make nests in other directions. When installing a bluebird house, however, you always have to take note of the direction of the wind. If the entrance or hole of the birdhouse is facing against the direction of the wind, the birds will have difficulty flying out. If they have determined that the nest box is not convenient, they will not nest there at all. There are instances where the birds abandon their eggs if they have difficulty flying in and out of the birdhouse.

What Color Should a Bluebird House be?

Believe it or not, bluebirds have a color preference when building a nest. This has been embedded in their DNA to ensure their survival in the wild. If you are going to install a bluebird house, it is highly important that you know this to ensure that they will come back and live in the house that you have prepared for them.

Bluebirds like earthly tones such as dirt brown and grassy green. These colors have been deeply embedded in their evolutionary history as these are the colors which they associate with their environment. As much as possible, avoid using bright colors such as red and yellow for it attracts predators.

If you are doing a bluebird house DIY project, you need to make sure that you use earthly colors when staining the bird house. This way, the birds will enjoy staying in the house that you made for them.

How to Install and Use?

Most bluebird house products are assembled first before it can be used in the field. It is mostly made of insect-proof, weather-proof, and lightweight wood to keep it as durable, compact, light, and well-insulated as possible.

The most popular brands have simple materials that anyone can use. You would typically need a good old hammer, nails, screwdriver, screws, bolts, and nuts. In addition, each product comes with an instruction manual to guide you in assembling it every step of the way.

When installing multiple bluebird houses, you need to make sure that each one is at least 5 to 15 feet apart. This is to prevent male bluebirds from competing for a nest.

How to Clean and Care?

Cleaning and maintaining a bluebird house are two important things in birdwatching. This is highly important to prevent spread of bird-related diseases especially if the birdhouse is near your residence.

You can clean the bluebird house by doing the following every 3 to 4 days:

Clean the bird seed tray

Cleaning the bird seed tray is important especially if the birdhouse is near your own house. Once the day is done, get the seed tray and wash it before refilling it. This way, any germ or parasitic creatures will be removed from the tray.

Scrape the poop and bury it on the ground

Birds poop where they eat. This is the reason why birdhouses get dirty all the time. Using a spatula, scrape away the poop deposit on the surface of the birdhouse and stash it on a plastic trash bag. Then, dig a hole in the ground, empty the contents of the trash bag, and bury the poop. Throw away the empty plastic bag on a separate garbage bag or container.

Install a predator guard

Predators that eat small birds can easily dismantle a sloppy-made bluebird house. They scratch and claw their way in and even shake the birdhouse to steal the eggs of a nesting bird inside. If you want to preserve the structural integrity of your bluebird house, make sure that you install a bluebird house predator guard. It can be a wire mesh attached outside of the door hatch or the entrance of the birdhouse. This way, even if the bluebird is inside, there is no way any predator can reach them.

Where to Buy?

If you are wondering where to buy bluebird houses, the best way to get some is by visiting your local pet store. Shops like PetSmart and PetCo have these kinds of birdhouses. You can also visit Walmart, Costco, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and many more.

However, if the specific design that you are looking for is not available in any of the stores that were mentioned above, you can always search for them online. Online stores such as is a perfect place to launch your search for bluebird houses. Through this website, you will be able to learn a great deal about the products that you are looking for. Reading customer reviews will also help you understand the benefits and shortcomings of the product that is not included in the official product description. This way, you can avoid buying defective products that can lead to a waste of time and money.


Owning a bluebird house is a great thing particularly during this time of the global pandemic. Not only can it help you appreciate nature but also reduce your mental stress. The fluttering birds in your backyard or garden are truly a great sight to behold especially if you want to unload a huge emotional burden. For this reason, only the best bluebird house in the market can help you achieve your birdwatching goals.

If you are an avid birdwatcher, on the other hand, these birdhouses can also help you attract local birds. Not only will you be able to feed them but also shelter them during the winter season. If the condition of their natural habitat is declining, then these birdhouses can help them get a good nesting place.

However, choosing the ideal bluebird house can be as stressful as staying inside the house all day long if you don’t know what to look for. This article has all the information that you are looking for to locate the most ideal product for your own unique setting. You will find all of the product reviews very useful. This way, you can determine each product’s benefits and shortcomings before deciding to pay for them.

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