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The Best Cockatiel Cages for 2024

best cockatiel cages

Cockatiels are smart and energetic birds that are popular for their distinct appearance and frisky attributes. These are related to cockatoos and are native to Australia. Undeniably, having playful pets at home can take your stress away.

Cockatiels make great pets. However, while they are not really high maintenance, there are certain requirements to consider when buying them cages. If you wish to keep them healthy and bubbly, it is a must to invest in the best cockatiel cages.

In this post, you can learn more about the proper cockatiel care requirements and how to buy the right cage for your pet. It is practical to compare some products and check their features to come up with a confident buying decision. Check out the shopping guide in this article, and uncover the benefits that a high-quality cage can offer to your most precious pet. So, let’s get started!

Best Cockatiel Cage Reviews

1. YAHEETECH Standing Flight King Bird Cages

yaheetech standing flight king bird cages

This flight cage for cockatiel is a great investment for bird lovers. It is engineered using top-quality metal that is covered with non-hazardous hammer tone paint. Its sturdy build makes this item strong enough to combat rust formation and other sorts of damages. If you want a safer and more durable shelter to keep your cockatiel, this can be one of the best choices.

Moreover, this can leave you worry-free because it is a secure and safe cage where you can house your pet bird. The front doors are secured with sturdy latches that can prevent the escape of your cockatiel. So, even if you’re not around, you are assured that your pet will stay in its place.

The kit contains free accessories too. The 3 wooden polished perches can offer an adequate spot for your pet to enjoy siesta and stand comfortably. Indeed, there are a total of 4 plastic feeders too where you can put the feeds and water. As you can see, the cage comes complete with what your pet needs.

This cage is specifically designed to allow convenient movement. Since it is larger, your pet bird can freely roam around and enjoy various activities. There are 4 solid rolling casters and ball-shaped casters that could smoothly roll in different directions. Your pet will surely love its new home.

Fortunately, you won’t have a stressful time cleaning and maintaining this birdcage. There is a slide-out tray that is covered with waterproof paint. This can be easily removed and cleaned with water. Hence, ensuring proper hygiene for your pet is not a painful process for you to deal with.

However, one downside I have observed with this birdcage is its flimsy tray. I wish the manufacturer can make some improvements on this minor issue.

What We Liked
  • Contains free accessories
  • Allows a more secure and safer use
  • A piece of cake to clean and maintain
  • Built with an ultra-strong overall build
  • Guarantees convenient movement
What We Didn't Like
  • The tray seems a little frail

Overall, this cage for cockatiels is a great catch. It is large enough to allow free and convenient movements that your pet will certainly love.

2. Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cages

prevue pet products wrought iron select bird cages

As a bird owner, you are probably well aware of how important a cockatiel bird cage size is. This is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider when buying one. If you prefer something that is crafted with superb craftsmanship, then this option is an ideal choice that’s worth considering.

As you can see, it’s built with sturdy wrought iron and improved by a non-hazardous powered-coated finish. It comes with a super sturdy push-button lock that is meant to keep your pet secure within the cage when playtime is finished. This cage’s powder-coated steel build that comes with an interspersed play top design is the solution to ensure more security to your cockatiel.

Also, this cage is a great way to keep your pet comfortable, content, and entertained. It is designed with top and bottom residue tray and easy-to-pull out bottom grille for a painless cleaning process. There are rounded-corner seed guards too that are meant to control residue and other sorts of droppings and dirt.

In addition to these, the cage stand base is quite solid and designed with easy-rolling casters. The kit also contains 2 wood perches and 4 stainless steel cups. If you prefer a good looking, and easy to clean birdcage that’s capable of rolling around, this pet-proof option is definitely the item you need. With it, looking after your cockatiel is made easier.

As for affordability and portability, this cockatiel cage is a first-rate investment that you can consider for your most prized pet. Nonetheless, it would have been better if this birdcage includes clear assembly instructions. Luckily, with some observation and common sense, it can be manageable to put together.

What We Liked
  • Super durable overall craftsmanship
  • Seed guards that help control residue and other mess
  • Allows effortless cleaning
  • Sturdy push-button door lock for more security
  • Powder-coated steel build with interspersed play top design
What We Didn't Like
  • Comes with unclear assembly instructions

In a nutshell, this cage designed for cockatiels is worth a try. It keeps your pet bird safe and secure, and at the same time, allows your bird to do its hobbies freely.

3. SUPER DEAL Rolling Cockatiel Bird Cages

super deal rolling cockatiel bird cages

This rolling bird shelter is undoubtedly an ideal cockatiel cage that you could get at a reasonable price. Its 2-in-1 unique, nice looking and functional design make this item an excellent investment for every bird owner. Built with full metal frame and non-hazardous paint, this cage is robust enough to repel corrosion and rust formation.

Besides, this product is also resistant to fading and odor. So, if you wish to get rid of unwanted smells and sustain its adorable appearance, this cage is the best bet for your requirements. The arc design on each door is practical to keep your feathered friends safe in the cage.

The cage is engineered with two entrances. The smaller entrance is meant for small birds, while the larger entrance is designed for bigger-sized birds. There are four feeders for various types of feeds. There is one composite door for every tier. The heightened feeder helps inhibit birds from dropping or tossing their food.

Not to mention, looking after a cockatiel can be exhausting especially for busy people. Fortunately, this cage is a cinch to put together and clean up. It comes with a detachable mesh panel beneath the cage and slide-out trays that allow effortless cleaning method.

Your pet bird will definitely take pleasure in a very spacious living spot. The cage is designed with a no-notch ceiling, and the 0.4 inches bar spacing is intended to allow your birds to do their most favorite activities without any hassle.

It is large enough to keep several birds and compact enough to make the relocation process a painless task. This is all thanks to its wheeled stand. The convenience and comfort it offers are priceless.

Howbeit, this cage would have gotten a perfect rating if it there’s no need to reconfigure the bird house to hook on to the latches. Aside from this minor con, this cage is no doubt a first-rate shelter you can purchase for your most treasured feathered buddy.

What We Liked
  • Full metal frame with non-hazardous paint construction
  • Built with well-thought-of details
  • 2-in-1 distinctive and functional design
  • Provides roomy living space
  • Easy set up and clean up
What We Didn't Like
  • Might constantly require reconfiguring the cage

To wrap up, this is a standout option due to its well-thought-of details and unique appearance.

4. CageMart Stand Cockatiel Bird Parrot Cages

cagemart stand cockatiel bird parrot cages

Do you prefer a birdcage that is suitable to use for several types of birds and can be an impressive adornment at home? Then, this item suits all your cockatiel cage requirements. It is nice to know that this cage is not only ideal for sheltering your feathered friends, but it is also a great décor in a simple-looking residence.

In like manner, I personally like the design of this cage because it is separable from the stand. This means that it is portable and not complicated to relocate when necessary. The size of this parrot cage is ideal as well. It is large enough to shelter multiple birds. This bird pen will certainly be a comfortable home for your most treasured feathered creature.

The delighting news is that if you hate a very detailed cleaning process, this cage won’t give you a hard time. It is built with a removable plastic tray and metal grate that allows offhand cleaning method. If you own a Conure, Cockatiel, African Grey and other types of birds, this is a perfect shelter to keep them.

This bird pen is designed with 2 swing-out feeder doors, larger swing-out front door, two wooden perches, and stainless steel cups. It also comes with a stand that is built with a shelf, as well as 4 swivel casters. Your pet birds will definitely be grateful for allowing them to move and stroll around freely.

The drawbacks I have seen in this parrot cage are the malfunctioning water and food doors. They are difficult to close. You need to make some adjustments and necessary repairs to make them work the way they should. It would have been better if they came with insertable dishes.

What We Liked
  • Designed with removable plastic tray and a metal grate
  • Cage is separable from the stand
  • Ideal for different types of birds
  • Provides sufficient space for birds to roam and move around
  • Can be a stunning adornment at home
What We Didn't Like
  • Problems with food and water doors

As a whole, this parrot cage is not only an ideal home for your pets but also a great addition in your dwelling place.

5. ZENY Stand Wrought Iron Bird Cages

zeny stand wrought iron bird cages

Bird owners unfailingly wish what’s best for their beloved feathered friends. This is why they are very particular in terms of buying the best cage for cockatiel. Luckily, this birdcage with stand is an excellent choice in that it features heavy-duty and dependable overall construction. That said, you are guaranteed that it is intended for long years of reliable service.

The size of this cage is practical specifically for finches, canaries and parakeets; and other similarly-sized birds. It is big enough to allow feathered creatures to live comfortably and enjoy their activities to keep them healthy and strong. This birdhouse is designed with a large front door that comes with a lock for more security.

As for the price, this is a good deal. The kit contains 4 feeder doors with locks, 2 interior long wooden perch, 4 sturdy swivel casters, and 4 feeding cups. This birdhouse can ensure that your pet can revel in stability, comfort and mobility. The easy-glide casters are intended for allowing simple movement to and from any room.

Since this cage is spacious enough, you can fill it with some toys and other stuff to entertain your pet birds. They will absolutely love their new home as they can easily roam around and fly from one perch to another.

More importantly, this cage is one of the easiest to clean and maintain. The lower removable sliding grate makes the cleaning process less stressful. So, this helps keep the birds shelter comfortable and clean at all times.

For all that, I wish this bird pen is a cinch to put together. While it is true that it takes a bit of time to assemble this bird shelter fully, the exhausting process is all worth it in the end. Just make sure to read the user manual carefully to avoid more installation complications.

What We Liked
  • Features durable and reliable overall build
  • Comes with large front door with lock
  • Designed with two perches that allow free moving
  • Helps keep bird shelter comfortable and clean
  • Recommended for finches, canaries and parakeets
What We Didn't Like
  • Not the easiest birdcage to assemble

Ultimately, this bird shelter is the real deal if you prefer a more durable, safer, and secure living space for your feathered friends.

6. VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Cockatiel Bird Cages

vivohome wrought iron cockatiel bird cages

For bird owners looking for a suitable cage size for cockatiel pair, this product is worth checking out. When it comes to quality, good features and design; this is one of the most reliable options available. You’ll be impressed with its heavy-duty build that could offer a secure and comfortable shelter for your pet birds.

This bird pen is engineered using a top-quality iron frame with black powder varnish. So, even if you have naughty feathered pets roaming and playing around, this cage will remain sturdy. It has multiple doorways where your pets can freely enter and exit. This birdhouse is also designed with 4 swivel caster wheels.

It is built with a slide-out tray at the bottom section of the cage. This feature makes cleaning a breeze to execute. Its additional storage space allows you to store toys and bird feeds. This bird pen also comes with a swing and several bars where your pets can stand on. Changing the food is made easier without interrupting your busy pet birds.

Likewise, locking joints are also available, and these are meant to keep the birds shelter more secure. Since this birdhouse is built with little design features, it is deemed as one of the unique options on the market to date. Assembling this cage can be done without any trouble.

If you have a small living space, this birdcage is a perfect choice. It is slim and tall so that it won’t take up much space in your dwelling place. This birdhouse will also look appealing once properly positioned in your residence. Your house won’t look ordinary anymore.

While the quality of this birdcage is dependable, still I think it is more recommended for smaller birds. It is advisable to keep this in mind if you are currently taking care of larger-sized birds.

What We Liked
  • Super durable build for more security and comfort
  • Allows more mobility and offers more storage space
  • Features slide-out tray for an easy cleaning method
  • Designed with multiple doorways
  • Spacious enough and easy to assemble
What We Didn't Like
  • Looks like ideal only for smaller birds

On all counts, if you are after ideal features, size, and design for a birdcage; then you don’t need to search any further.

7. Vision L12 Wire Bird Cages

vision l12 wire bird cages

Bird owners searching for a high-quality hanging bird cage for cockatiel can find this option an outstanding alternative to shelter their pet birds. It is made with innovative design features that make it a standout among other options out there. For a fact, this is what makes it totally different from conventional bird cages.

If you’re feeling confused about the right cage to buy for your cockatiels or lovebirds, this item is worth buying. It is large enough to offer a more spacious space for your pet birds to do what they love to do freely. Moreover, it is built with double height and large wire.

Among other things, buyers who have bought this cage are impressed by its no-drawer design features as this allows less painful cleanups. Gone were the days when you need to spend more time cleaning and maintaining your birdhouse. The water and seed cups are also easy to access, so changing food and water is no pain.

More importantly, this bird pen is manufactured with multi-grip perches that are practical for promoting circulation and hinder foot problems. This knock-down cage is no sweat to put together since it features click-snap assembly method. Hence, even if it is your first time to assemble a birdcage, this won’t be a stressful task for you to manage.

You can get this cage in various sizes. You can select from large wire and small bird cages. Anyhow, one flaw of this birdcage is the bar spacing. I personally think that the bars on the cage are large compared to that of a small cage. While this isn’t a problem for cockatiels, this might not be ideal for smaller-sized feathered creatures like budgies and parrotlets.

What We Liked
  • Offers more room for pet birds to move freely
  • Multi-grip perches that promote circulation and inhibit foot issues
  • Features no-drawer design to avoid messy cleanups
  • Highly recommended for cockatiels and lovebirds
  • Ensures easy to access to water and seed cups
What We Didn't Like
  • The bar spacing is fairly large

All things considered, this birdcage is a top-drawer alternative to house your lovebirds and cockatiels. Its practical features make it a good investment to consider.

8. Yaheetech Open Top Standing Bird Cages

yaheetech open top standing bird cages

Are you in the hunt for the best cockatiel cage setup? If yes, then you may take a closer look at this alternative. Straightforward assembly is required. All the needed components and hardware are already contained in the kit. There is a user manual to ensure effortless and quick setup process.

Designed with a pet-parent friendly feature, this cage is second to none. Users could instantly lift and move this birdhouse by merely holding the 2 handles located on the top portion. Each front door comes with 2 tiny entrances which are perfect for smaller featured creatures.

There is an additional storage shelf on the stand where you could store other pet-related stuff. There are 4 feeding doors on the side panels. These features allow plain sailing water and seed refilling process. If you own small or medium-sized birds, this bird shelter is the right choice.

This cage can accommodate 2 to 3 birds. The bar spacing comes with a suitable size that makes it safe and practical for feathered creatures to live and be entertained. This birdhouse is spacious enough for your pet to enjoy their daily activities.

The open-top design is meant to help keep your pet stimulated. You can open and lock it up. This also comes with a perch that keeps the top doors unclosed for your pets to stand on. If preferred, this open-top design can be closed to offer your pets with a secure enclosed shelter.

The kit also contains a few free accessories including a swing for your pet to rest on, 4 polished wooden perches, and 4 feeding bowls to offer more convenience. For the price, you won’t be forced to spend lavishly.

Nevertheless, the shallow debris tray is causing slight inconvenience. It does not allow the tray liner to remain in place while replacing or removing the tray if the liner is not literally flat.

What We Liked
  • Features open-top design
  • Comfortable and spacious rooms
  • Easy assembly method
  • Built with pet-parent friendly feature
  • Includes all the required components and hardware
What We Didn't Like
  • Comes with a shallow debris tray

In summary, this birdhouse is large enough, yet it does not take up much space. It’s just right to provide your pet with more comfort and mobility.

9. SUPER DEAL PRO 2in1 Bird Cages

super deal pro 2in1 bird cages

SUPER DEAL is known for being one of the best bird cages for cockatiels. So, if you want a worthwhile investment, this birdcage won’t disappoint you. It is durable enough to handle your naughty feathered pet. Primarily, this can stand the test of time and rugged weather conditions.

More than that, this birdhouse is built with sturdy wrought iron and is powder coated with lead-free and toxic-free paint. The cage is designed with a flexible play area on its top section. This is a nice feature in that it would keep your pet entertained and livelier.

The package includes 2 perches and 5 stainless steel bowls. The interior long wooden perch is meant for resting. There are also 4 easy-to-remove industrial casters. The good news is that you don’t need to suffer from a time-consuming cleaning process. Thanks to the removable bottom sand tray and grille, eliminating the mess inside the cage is made easier.

I find the heavy-duty lockable door as a practical feature. It does a great job of keeping birds secure inside the bird pen when playtime is over. Maintaining this cage is untroublesome since it can be easily washed. So, keeping your pet’s house neat and fresh all the time is achieved without a sweat.

Many bird enthusiasts adore this cage’s top playing area that’s designed with an ascent stair. This is beneficial since it encourages activity outside the bird pen with an extended stair play-top design. With it, there wouldn’t be a dull moment for your most precious pet bird.

Regardless, as indicated in the product description, this birdcage is large enough. However, I was surprised to see that it looks like not large enough to provide a large parrot with more space to do its routine freely.

What We Liked
  • Features heavy-duty and lockable door
  • Reliable and lasting overall build
  • Designed with a functional play spot above the cage
  • Comes with two perches and 5 stainless steel bowls
  • Removable bottom sand tray and grille
What We Didn't Like
  • Seems not ideal for a large parrot

To conclude, this cage for cockatiels is a very decent alternative, particularly for a novice bird owner. It is well-built and pocket-friendly.

10. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Flight Cages

prevue hendryx pet products flight cages

If you are wondering about the best size cage for cockatiel, this extra-large version is a great option. This is a more upgraded version of the top-selling F040 flight cage. This is regarded as the ideal shelter for multiple canaries, parakeets, or f-Inch. You will definitely love seeing your pet birds satisfied and having fun in their new home.

Allowing your feathered buddies to fly, play, and roam around the cage is quite important. This will help them remain in good shape and condition. Thanks to the spacious area of this cage, your pet won’t feel totally confined in a tight spot. They will feel comfortable, safe and secure in a roomy bird pen.

This cage features two large front doors that allow easier access. To allow easy and convenient cleanups, this birdhouse is built with pull-out bottom grille and tray. You will also find the bottom shelf useful because this serves as an additional storage area where you could keep some other essential stuff.

Since this extra-large flight cage stands on rolling casters, you can easily transport it from one place to another. The kit comes with 3 sturdy wood perches and 4 plastic cups. The sophisticated black hammer tone finish of this birdhouse gives it a more elegant look that makes your place a good sight to behold.

Even so, this birdcage is not one of those that are less time-consuming to put together. The assembly process may take time, but if you adhere to the assembly instructions, you will do just fine. Well, patience is a virtue here. Just think of the final result as it will certainly satisfy your expectations.

What We Liked
  • Larger and more improved version of the chart-topping F040 flight cage
  • Offers pet birds with roomy space to enjoy moving around
  • Cleaning process is a cinch
  • Ideal choice for sheltering canaries, parakeets, or f-Inch
  • Designed with extra storage space
What We Didn't Like
  • The assembly process may take a while

Without question, this extra-large flight cage is the best bang for the money. Your pet birds will absolutely thank you for a comfortable, durable and spacious shelter.

11. Mcage Canary Cockatiel Roof Top Bird Cages

mcage canary cockatiel roof top bird cages

Bird owners looking for a reliable birdcage where they could house their small-sized pet birds will find this alternative a stellar option. While it is specifically built for sheltering small feathered creatures, it is roomy enough to provide your pet with more convenience, security, and comfort.

The space it has is large enough to allow your pet birds roam around and do the things they love every day. As you can see, it is built with bird-safe epoxy coated finish. This means that it does not only look elegant; it could also last long. It would make a great adornment inside the house as well.

You have no worries when putting this cage together. This is actually beginner-friendly. As a matter of fact, you can assemble it without the user manual. Once purchased, the kit contains the wood perches, pull-out plastic tray, feeder cups and feeder doors, plus the removable bottom metal grate.

In the same way, this cage comes with 4 tiny lift up doors and 2 large swing-out doors. The size of this bird pen is sufficient enough to keep your canaries, cockatiels, lovebirds and parakeets happy and energetic. This is easy to transport, so relocating it won’t be a hassle for you to do.

Also, getting rid of debris, droppings, and other sorts of dirt can be done quickly. This cage is not difficult to clean and maintain. Just make sure to do regular cleaning.

There’s no doubt that this small bird cage comes with decent quality. However, I hope the manufacturer can consider making some slight improvements. In particular, the wire is a bit frail and tends to bend easily. It would have been better if sturdy materials were used for the wire.

What We Liked
  • Highly recommended for smaller birds
  • Offers lots of space for birds to move around
  • Comes with bird-safe epoxy coated finish
  • Less complex to put together even without instructions
  • Can guarantee more security, comfort and convenience
What We Didn't Like
  • The wire is slightly flimsy that bends easily

For the most part, I think this birdcage is an economical option for small bird owners. It is sold at a reasonable price, and you get what you pay for.

12. PawHut Rolling Flight Bird Cages

pawhut rolling flight bird cages

For buyers who need premium quality cockatiel breeding cages, this extra-large flight cage might be the one you’re searching for. Many bird owners find this cage a durable and safe shelter for their pets. Its heavy-duty pet-safe design and finish make this item a cost-effective investment worth purchasing.

By the same token, the overall build of this cage allows a spacious and convenient shelter and access. Your pets can freely stroll and play around more comfortably. They won’t have problems extending and flapping their wings too. Even if you’ll fill it with toys, food bowls, and perches, this is roomy enough to allow all that.

If you’re going to observe this birdcage, it comes with multiple doors. So, it offers easy access to bird feeds, water and the inside area of the birdhouse. It is engineered with lightweight iron; hence it can ensure users with an extended period of reliable usage and enjoyment. It is reliable enough to keep your birds from escaping.

Not to mention, this cage will keep your feathered buddies safe from outside predators. Meanwhile, the metal stand is designed with 4 easy-rolling casters. So, wherever you go, this feature allows you to enjoy your pet birds. The 2 wooden perches will guarantee more time for rest and play.

You don’t need to feel exhausted dealing with the cleanup process because this cage comes with a bottom pull-out tray. Interestingly, keeping the birds shelter clean and fresh doesn’t need to be a painful task to manage for you.

Unfortunately, the assembly methods when putting this birdcage together is a bit intricate. So, it is better to read the user manual carefully. If this does not help, consider watching YouTube videos on how to set up the cage properly.

What We Liked
  • Offers extensive and convenient shelter and access
  • Serves as a safe and durable bird shelter
  • Guarantees more comfort, convenience and portability
  • Features sturdy pet-safe design and finish
  • Allows more mobility for feathered creatures
What We Didn't Like
  • The assembly instructions aren’t easy to follow

Finally, this alternative is the ideal birdcage for bird owners who prefer a heavy-duty pet-safe design and finish.

What to Look for When Buying a Cockatiel Cages?

best size cage for cockatiel

Before buying a cage for your cockatiel, it helps to think through the following basic considerations:

The Size of the Cage

This is the most substantial factor because if the cage does not have sufficient space for birds flying, then it could negatively affect the health of your pet bird.

The cage should be large enough to allow cockatiels to climb and stretch. Some birds prefer a vertical cage, while others thrive in a horizontal cage.

It is a must to follow the general rule of thumb when it comes to bird cages, and that is “the bigger the cage is, the better.”

Cage Material

Inspect if the wires are coated with non-hazardous coatings that could combat busy beaks. The tray access should be straightforward to use, and the doors must be designed to be safe.
Hefty plastic beneath with metal and wood within the cage will ensure components last longer compared to cheaper feed cups, toys and perches.


Of course, a good looking cage can make your place a standout too. Luckily, cockatiel cages these days are designed with a unique appearance for buyers to select from.

Just be sure to measure the spot where you intend to put the cage for your cockatiel.

Easy Access to Toys, Birds, and Dishes

Bear in mind that the daily routine of replacing the water and bird food, as well as interacting with your pet should all be a delighting experience.

The cage should be something that won’t require high maintenance and can ensure more enjoyment for you and your pet.

Wire Spacing

In terms of spacing, recommendations may vary from ½ inches up to 5/8 inches at maximum. Basically, this allows smaller birds to remain safe and avoid getting their heads trapped.

This also helps in warding off bigger birds from bending the bars. Be reminded that appropriate spacing allows safer and easier climbing.

Ease of Cleaning and Low Maintenance

Check out if the dishes and trays are smooth sailing to remove and re-insert. Remember looking after your cockatiel should be an enjoyable activity, not something that will require you to devote all your attention to it.


Metal casters are ideal as these help in maneuvering the cage safer and easier. Search for durable industrial designs that have the capability to move uncomplicatedly.

Some designs come with locking wheels that ensure additional stability. Besides, other models enable the cage to be removed from the rolling stand to guarantee more flexibility when cleaning.


Of course, the amount you’re willing to spend for a birdcage has a great influence on your purchasing decision. But, be reminded that it is unwise to opt for cheaper options if the quality is not guaranteed.

Before deciding base on the price tag, it is best to research the brand first. Consider reading some customer reviews and feedback too. These are effective means on how you can learn more about the product.


As always, reputable brands won’t fail to exceed your expectations. Always purchase from trusted manufacturers that have been in the business for years. Check out what consumers say about them and carefully examine the features of their products.

In doing so, you can easily tell what makes them different from other brands on the market. Take note that high-end brands commonly sell products that are priced higher than their competitors.

The obvious reasons for this are quality, functionality, and reliability.

What is a Cockatiel Cage?

best bird cages for cockatiels

A cockatiel cage is primarily designed to shelter cockatiels as pets. It is commonly made of durable stainless steel material, with non-hazardous paints. In addition to this, upgraded versions are less complicated to set up and clean up. They are not prone to fading or chipping and allows more convenient usage.

You can fill the cage with colorful stuff, accessories and perches that your pet birds will love. Aside from ensuring that the bird’s shelter is safe to reside in, it should also be a place where your feathered pet can freely do his activities to stay energetic, happy, and healthy.

A properly designed birdcage must be able to meet all the expectations of bird owners while also providing a durable, secure and safe living space.

How does It Work?

The main function of a cockatiel cage is to provide maximum protection, comfort, and enjoyment to your feathered friends. It is built to ensure that your bird’s shelter does not pose any risks or potential hazards to your pet’s overall health and wellness.

A correctly designed bird pen generally offers bird owners and their pets an extended period of usage and enjoyment.

What are the Different Types of Cockatiel Cages?


This type of cockatiel cage looks identical with flight cages. The only difference is that it is smaller in size.


This type of birdcage can offer a play section on the roof of the cage. It offers a spot where your pet can interact with his owners without the need to escape the safety of its enclosure.


This cage is commonly broad and big enough for hosting several birds. It is ideal for providing more flight opportunities.

Why do you Need a Cockatiel Cage?

A cage is your cockatiel’s main environment. This is why it is valuable to ensure that they are provided with a cage that allows them to flap their wings, move freely, and do acrobatics. The shelter you choose for your pet should also allow them to play, climb, perch and forage at the several levels within that shelter.

Providing your cockatiel with a comfortable cage will allow them to enjoy the mentioned activities, and all these can help sustain the overall wellness of your pet. If the cage is not spacious enough for them to do their activities freely, this may lead to mental and physical ailments.

What’s more, without proper shelter, cockatiels will develop some behavioral issues such as aggressiveness, feather plucking, and screaming. A high-quality cage that allows them to enjoy enough time for play and rest can prolong their lives. This will also keep them healthy and a loving companion of yours for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

best cockatiel cage setup

What are the Most Popular Cockatiel Cage Brands?

Generally speaking, bird cages are slightly pricey investments for bird owners. This is why it is just right that you choose the right bird shelter that could offer maximum comfort and protection for your feathered pets.

The truth is, there are lots of available options out there. All of them are claiming to be the most trusted one in terms of quality and long-lasting service. However, you cannot simply believe what they are claiming without researching the most reliable brands.

So, to help you narrow down your options, here are a few of the most trusted bird cage manufacturers that you can count on:

  • Prevue Hendryx
  • Vision
  • PawHut

How big Should Cockatiel Cage be?

When buying a cockatiel cage, it must be at least 20 inches in width, 24 inches in height, and 20 inches deep. Additionally, the cage for your cockatiel must be at least 2 up to 3 perches of different textures, shapes and sizes. This is to ensure that your pet’s feet remain strong and in good condition.

It is also vital to ensure that the perches are designed to be thick enough for your cockatiel to stand comfortably on them. Moreover, the perches should help your pet avoid losing its balance.

Take note that the smallest perch that should be provided to a cockatiel is 3 and ¼ up to 4 inches in diameter. Be sure to pick perches that are built from different materials like bonded concrete or sand, natural wood branches, rope, and wooden dowels.

Where Should I Keep my Cockatiel Cage?

It is a must to keep your cockatiel cage nearby windows. This is to ensure good access to sunlight. Keep in mind that you must avoid placing it in kitchens to impede cooking fumes.

Consider placing it in locations where you could instantly interact with your cockatiel. Or, in areas of the house where there is a stable temperature. This is for your pet bird to avoid getting too cold or too hot.

How to Install and Use?

Position the cockatiel cage in the appropriate spot. Avoid placing the cage in a noisy and hectic location. The best place is somewhere nearby the window, so your pet can obtain instant access to sunlight.

Put a paper at the bottom portion of the birdcage. The paper should be shaped on the bottom to ensure proper fitting. Some cages come with a removable pan. Wrap the paper all the way over the edges of the pan to make the cleaning task easier.

Consider placing some enrichments items or toys throughout the cockatiel cage. This is for your pet to be encouraged to do various activities to stay healthy.

Fill, place food, and water dishes. Keep the water dish away from the food dish. This is to avoid more mess when your pet is moving around. Place the water and food dishes securely on the walls of the cage.

Make some adjustments on the cage’s layout. Observe if some items don’t function well where you initially positioned them. Make some arrangements to suit the needs of your pet better.

How to Clean and Care?

Replace the tray liners daily.

Clean and thoroughly wipe the bottom bars regularly. Clean the grate underneath the cage. Use a hot rag and wipe down any dirt accumulation on the bottom bars. Make sure to get rid of bird feces, droppings, or discarded bird feeds.

Thoroughly wash food containers using hot water. These include trays, water bottles, bowls, etc. Remove any debris and leftover food. Wash the dishes properly with hot and soapy water. Then, rinse all of them well.

Do the same procedure with other items, toys, and accessories inside the cage.

Dry all the food containers, accessories and dishes before putting them back in the cage.

Even if you clean the birdcage daily, it is a must to do major cleaning once a week. This is to ensure that the cage is a clean, healthy, and safe place for your pet to reside in.

Where to Buy?

If you are planning to purchase a top-quality cage for your cockatiel, a good place where you can start your search are local pet stores in your area. Shopping in person allows you to check out the product and pick it right away.

However, if you have no time to drop in local pet stores to buy a cockatiel cage, you may shop in Amazon. As you might already know, this online shopping site sells almost all the products you can ask for.

You can find a lot of cockatiel cage models made by different brands in Amazon. In the same way, there are special promos, deals and discounts that you can avail of.

For sure, you will be delighted to browse countless options that you can’t find in local pet stores. The good news is that you can also discover more prominent brands to select from this site.


As a whole, providing your cockatiel pet with a comfortable shelter is one of the most vital aspects you can do for it. While cockatiel cages might be identical, your pet bird will surely see a huge difference. This is why it is critical to pick the best cockatiel cages.

The cages we have reviewed in this post are rather well-known, and despite the few drawbacks, each of them is worth a shot. See to it not to skip the buying guide we have shared in this article as this is useful in making your final buying decision.

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