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Do Birds Lay Unfertilized Eggs?

do birds lay unfertilized eggs

We find chickens laying unfertilized eggs as an ordinary matter. But, what about birds? Do birds lay unfertilized eggs, too?

It might not be surprising to many that birds will lay eggs whether or not a mate is present. Therefore, birds can lay one unfertilized egg after another.

Below are some interesting facts you might want to know about birds laying eggs with or without mating.

Do Birds Lay Eggs Even if not Fertilized?

The answer is yes; like chickens producing eggs, any single bird can become reproductively active and start laying unfertilized eggs. Unfertilized eggs typically have a thicker shell and are laid later in the reproductive cycle.

Do birds lay eggs when there is no mate around?

Of course, they do, but again, the eggs are not fertilized if mating does not happen. However, birds can store sperm for up to two weeks, so there is some flexibility regarding when mating occurs. So even if there is no mate around, there is still a chance for the bird to produce offspring.

The fertility of bird eggs varies depending on the bird species and the time of year. Some birds might only lay infertile eggs during certain times of the year, while others might always lay infertile eggs.

Even though some birds mate for life, there are still instances where one parent may die before they reproduce again. The lack of fertilization does not affect how well an animal will care for its children after they hatch.

Why do Birds have Unfertilized Eggs?

do birds lay eggs even if not fertilized

But birds also have unfertilized eggs for several reasons.

  • First, it can be used to store food. When birds lay eggs, they produce an egg yolk high in nutrients. Unfertilized eggs allow the bird to store this nutrient-rich yolk for later use
  • Additionally, unfertilized eggs can help birds regulate their population size. By laying unfertilized eggs, birds can reduce the number of offspring without affecting their overall reproductive success
  • Finally, unfertilized eggs may also play a role in mate selection. By laying different colored or patterned eggs, birds can signal to potential mates which characteristics they are looking for.
  • This helps ensure that birds pair with birds with good genes

So next time you see an egg that doesn’t have a chick inside – don’t be fooled! It’s still doing its job and is packed full of nutrients that the bird needs to stay healthy

How to Stop Pet Birds from Laying Eggs?

Birds are known to lay eggs, whether pet birds or wild birds. If you don’t want your bird to lay eggs, there are a few things you can do to stop it.

  • One way is to make sure the bird doesn’t have access to any nesting material. This could mean keeping the bird’s cage clean and free of anything that could be used as a nest, like old rags or bits of paper.
  • You can also try providing the bird with fewer daylight hours. This will help reduce the amount of time the bird spends trying to find a place to lay her eggs.
  • Finally, you can give the bird supplements like calcium carbonate tablets, which will help decrease egg production.


Birds are not the only creatures that lay unfertilized eggs. Many other species, including insects and fish, also lay unfertilized eggs or give birth to live young.

Unfertilized egg laying is a common occurrence in nature because it can increase genetic diversity among populations of animals by producing offspring with different genes from parents.

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