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Excope DT1-Capture The Distant Moment with Your Smartphone

I recently tried out the Beaverlab Excope DT1, and here are my thoughts. This device lets you remotely capture distant moments using your smartphone. It’s impressively lightweight and merges cutting-edge optics with high-performance digital tech, featuring an ultra-telephoto lens. You can capture far-off subjects, edit your images, and share them with friends all from your phone. It truly changes the way you take photos.

Photographing: Viewfinder Revolution

By wirelessly connecting my smartphone to the Excope DT1, I can sit back and wait for the perfect shot through my phone’s screen. The combination of simple phone operation and a professional-level ultra-telephoto lens makes capturing remote-controlled distant shots surprisingly easy.

Ultra-Telephoto Lens: See Further, Get Closer

Excope DT1 gives you an eagle’s eye view of infinite distance. I’ve observed lunar craters, photographed delicate birds, and even recorded the activities of wildlife from a safe distance – all things that would normally be out of reach. The Excope DT1 features a 400mm focal length lens that magnifies distant objects up to 200 times, displaying them clearly on my phone screen. If you’re into detailed and distant photography, you should definitely give this a try.

Image Sensor: Dive into the Details

Capture clear and detailed images with high sensitivity. Powered by the large 1/1.8”, 2.0μm CMOS sensor and image algorithm, Excope DT1 enables up to 48-megapixel resolution, which makes it easy to zoom in for close-ups or crop the image for better framing without losing so much quality. Immerse yourself in the details of both static and moving images.

Image Processing: DSP Algorithm Enhancement

Powerful image algorithms handle huge amounts of data, and after complex and precise calculations, perform image optimizations such as Subtle Defect Repair, Noise Processing, Backlight and Low Light Processing, Distance Color Optimization, Contrast Sharpness Optimization and so on.


Both EIS with built-in gyro sensor and AI anti-shake effectively reduce blur caused by lens shake.


Reduce noise level through algorithms to output a more clear image.

Night Vision

Discover different kind of beauty in the night, see the unseen.

High Dynamic Range

Provide a much brighter image with a higher level of contrast between light and dark areas on the screen, while also taking advantage of more colors, to create a much more realistic image.

Optical Technology: Leading-Edge Optics

The lens adopts the reflex optical principle, which compresses the size of the telephoto lens to the extreme without affecting the imaging. The 99% transmittance with the large 60mm aperture increases the amount of light intake and improves the light gathering power, which makes the imaging effect of the long-distance image better. Excope DT1 restores the most realistic telephoto image for you.

Efficient Free App

Simply connect your phone or tablet to Excope DT1, focus on the subject, and you’ll capture unparalleled images and create your visual masterpiece. We recommend connecting your smart device via WiFi rather than wired connection, and using the app as a visual remote control to take photos from a distance more easily. This free app can also be used as an image editor to not only take photos and videos, but also change modes and adjust parameters to create unique photos.

Shooting Modes:
Six shooting modes cater to different photo needs for the best results
Real-time Editing:
Adjust the parameters in real time to achieve your desired image:
Video Recording:
Record 4k HD video by simply touching the screen.
Album Manage:
View, download or delete images and videos stored in the cloud.
Burst Shooting:
Capturing moments at high speed, up to 25 frames per second continuous photos.

Product Design

The Excope DT1 is designed for outdoor shooting with a lightweight body, simple interactive buttons and an easy-to-understand software interface, all designed to improve shooting efficiency.

The 400mm telephoto camera weighs only 600g, about the weight of a bottle of water in your backpack, so you can carry it with you whenever you go out.

There are only one power button and one shutter button. As long as the power is on and successfully connected to the screen, you can quickly press the shutter to take photos or videos.

Adjusting parameters is done through the APP, which is as easy to understand as the camera interface on a smartphone.

Excope DT1 could be fast charged with the attached USB-C cable. More over, it supports charging with a power bank while shooting, which increases the length of your shots and eliminates sudden interruptions in video recording.


Wireless or wired, Excope DT1 works with any smart device you own. It’s compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows systems, for any version of your phone, tablet and computers.

What’s more, the 1/4 tripod interface is suitable for all kinds of tripods you may have.

Thoughtful Details

Ergonomic Tilt
Both phone holder and grip could be tilted up and down to accommodate shooters at different heights.
Battery Status
Real-time battery status display for easy understanding of power consumption.

More Than a Telephoto Camera

Creating a stunning image involves a series of steps, including camera transporting and setting-up, patiently waiting, skillfully capturing shots, image selecting, post-production, adjustments, and sharing images. Excope DT1 optimizes half of these processes, making shooting more convenient, editing faster, and sharing more timely.

Excope DT1 addresses the portability of telephoto cameras from multiple perspectives, reduces excess weight without compromising the telephoto image quality, and simplifies the shooting and editing process without compromising the user experience. Simplifying complexity has always been Beaverlab’s mission. We are committed to bringing users simpler, more convenient, and more professional equipment to take their hobbies with them wherever they go.

Lens 400Lens 40
Focal Length400mm40mm
Optical Magnification36x3.6x
Digital Magnification200x20x
Shooting Distance5m~∞1m~∞
MaterialAircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Excope DT1
Lens Diameter60mm
Frame Rate30/25 FPS
SensorCMOS Sensor
Target Size1/1.8″
Anti-shakingEIS with built-in gyro sensor, AI
AI Power1.5 TOPs
Arithmetic PlatformNovatek
Storage MediaBulit-in Storage
Wireless Transmission Rate150Mbps
Optical Resolution1.27″ (Rayleigh Limit), 1.05″ (Dawes limit)
Focus ModeManual Focus
Operating Temperature-30~+85℃
Video Recording Format.mp4
Picture Format.jpg
Color GamutRGB
Support SystemAndroid, IOS, Windows
Charging interfaceType-C
Battery Capacity3000mAh
Software UpgradeOnline Upgrade
Tripod Threaded Interface1/4”
Adjustable ParametersISO, WB, EV, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness
Support Phone Shootingyes
Moon Observationyes
Night Visionyes
package size8.7″x6.2″x3.7″
weight(lens included)1.32lb/0.6kg
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