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Hang A Bird Feeder from A Tree

hang a bird feeder from a tree

It may seem like a simple task to hang a bird feeder from a tree but many things might go wrong. For instance, you might accidentally hang the feeder crookedly, causing the birdseed to pour out, along with many other issues.

In addition, the way that you hang the bird feeder might not be quite as aesthetically pleasing as you would have wanted it to be. Do not worry as this article will teach you a couple of different methods on how to hang a bird feeder from a tree branch properly.

Step-By-Step Guide

What to prepare:

  • Chain or rope
  • S-hook (Or use whatever hook came with the bird feeder you bought)
  • Ladder

Detailed steps:

Step 1 – Decide where to hang your bird feeder

The first thing you should take into account is the location of the bird feeder. In this regard, you also need to consider the following:

The feeder should not be in a windy place – You would not want your bird feeder to sway every time a slight breeze blows through. Look for a place in your yard that is far from a wall or fence. If you need to, look for ways how to hang a bird feeder between two trees.

The feeder should be somewhere you can see it – What is the point of having a hanging bird feeder if you cannot even watch the birds using it? Where do you usually spend your time at home? If you like to spend time by the kitchen window while sipping coffee, you should be able to see the feeder.

Step 2 – Decide how high to hang your bird feeder

Ideally, the bird feeder should be placed at eye level. This will make it easier for you to access it later. Hang it too high and you will need a ladder to refill the feeder, and it will also be difficult to clean. The feeder should be around 5 feet from the ground to make it accessible for everyone.

Step 3 – Choose your hardware

The bird feeder that you bought should have already come with a hook. However, just a hook will not allow you to hang the feeder on a tree branch. For this purpose, you need to use:

  • Enough length of strong rope
  • Hanging chain

The thickness of the chain or rope should depend on the size and weight of the bird feeder. You might be tempted to use a thick chain or rope but it will not look right.

Step 4 – Install the birdfeeder

how to hang a bird feeder between two trees

Once you have picked out the perfect spot, you can proceed to hang the bird feeder on a tree branch. Before you start, you have to choose a cord that you will be wrapping around the branch.

This is actually quite easy. You should first pick a branch that is thick and strong enough to carry the weight of a full feeder. You then need to take your rope, wrap the middle around the branch twice or thrice, and then tie the ends together. The loop will keep the rope from sliding up or down the branch.

Hang the bird feeder through the looped rope or chain using the hook that came with the feeder. Fill the feeder and you are done. The only thing left for you to do is wait for the birds to come.

Why is Hanging a Bird Feeder in a Tree Best?

hanging a bird feeder in a tree

There are several reasons why it is better to hang a bird feeder on a tree branch compared to other locations. Among them are the following:

Birds will feel safer

Where else will birds feel safe enough to feed other than under a tree? With the cover provided by the branches and leaves, even the smaller birds like finches and sparrows will not have second thoughts about perusing your bird feeder.

Another benefit of having your bird feeder hanging underneath a tree is it will encourage birds to nest in that same tree. If you are an avid birdwatcher, this will make you quite ecstatic.

Bird seeds are protected from the sun

If birdseed is exposed to direct sunlight, it will spoil faster. Just like any other animal, birds can be somewhat picky eaters. Even though they will still eat almost spoiled seeds, they are more likely to feel enticed to eat when the food is fresh. Keeping the birdseed in the shade will also keep the seeds from germinating before they are eaten.

Keeps the birdseed away from other animals

Hanging the bird feeder high on a tree branch will keep other critters from reaching the bird seed. Raccoons and rats will not be able to reach the food and destroy the bird feeder. This is what makes them better compared to pole-mounted bird feeders. However, squirrels could still reach the feeder, so you should install squirrel baffles above the feeder.

These are only some of the reasons why hanging a bird feeder under a tree is quite favorable. In my opinion, this is the best way of mounting feeders. So, if you happen to have a tree in your backyard that is big enough, I highly recommend that you hang a feeder or two on the lower branches.


It may seem simple, but in order to hang a bird feeder from a tree, you will need to take a couple of things into consideration. It is not as simple as looping a bit of rope around a tree branch. Now that you know how to do it properly, you will find that bird watching is even more enjoyable.

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