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How to Attract Hawks to Your Yard

how to attract hawks to your yard

Hawks are known as a predator who preys on smaller birds for food. To some people, seeing a hawk is a bad thing and a danger to other birds in the area. However, attracting a hawk in your backyard is an ultimate accomplishment for any birder. Since hawks do not show more often, seeing them in your place means you live in a wildlife-friendly area.

So, how to attract hawks to your yard? Attracting hawks is an achievement for many birders but attracting them is easier said than done. You can do several things to make your backyard attractive to hawks. Please see below:

Where Do Hawks Live

Hawks can be found anywhere, but they usually like to live in places like deserts and fields because it is easier for them to find their prey for food. But this bird can live anywhere. Whether it is on mountainous plains or moist tropical areas, this bird can be found anywhere.

In the United States, this bird can also be found in most states. But there are certain species of hawks with a limited range, such as the common black hawk, which can be seen in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Texas, and New Mexico.

On the other hand, the red-tailed hawk can be seen all over the United States. So, if you want to attract hawks to your area, ensure that your yard is bird-friendly. After all, attracting a hawk in an area is an indication that your place is wild-friendly. Here are sop\me ways to easily attract hawks to your place:

Hawks Likes Large Trees as Shelter

One way to attract hawks is to provide them with the shelter they need. Hawks like to shelter in large trees as it allows for stable and large perches for them to look for some prey or rest after their hunting activity.

So, if your area does not have large trees, start planting many of them. Although they like snags, it is better to have deciduous or coniferous trees because hawks like them as they give enough perching.

Hawks also like to perch on other locations such as deck railings, fences, and other places in your yard. You might even see them perching on the roof of your house or in your garage. You will also need to keep your backyard in excellent shape to lure these birds to come.

The excellent shape means the grass must be mowed short to ensure that the bird can easily target its prey. A well-maintained yard will allow the birds to easily see rodents, critters, and other pests.

Provide a Nice Water Source for the Hawks

where do hawks live

Another way to help attract hawks in your backyard is to provide them with enough water sources. Just like any other bird, the hawk also needs water for them to drink and bath. They do not drink much because they always have blood during mealtime, but they need to cool down and clean themselves, especially during summer.

So, you will need to place bird baths strategically in the backyard for them to recognize the water source easily. But there is one rule to follow when setting up the bird bath. It should be far away from the window for them not to crash in that part of your house.

When you set up the bird bath, it should be at least 3 to 30 feet away from the window. This distance is enough for your window to be safe when the hawk lands in the bird bath. These distances will also prevent the light from reflecting from the window and make it safe during the visit.

You will also need to put in a lot of water. They will need all the water they can get to cool off and rehydrate with their size. Putting in a lot of water will also make them stay longer, which is an accomplishment if you are a bird watcher.

When it comes to the bird bath, you will need a sturdy and concrete bird bath for the hawk. A ground bird bath is also an excellent fit for these birds while setting up a bird bath fountain that includes a deep basin will help attract them.

Hawks Like to Eat Meat

If you want to attract hawks, you will need to provide the food that they like to eat. Hawks are carnivorous, which means they like animals. The common backyard hawks love to eat smaller birds. They also want to eat rodents and insects.

If you like to attract hawks, you will also need to attract those small bird species in your backyard. You must find ways to attract those finches, sparrows, doves, and thrushes into your backyard.

Putting a bird feeder with lots of bird seeds can attract this possible prey of the hawk. The more visitors you have, the higher the chance that the hawk will visit your place to hunt for their food. You can also find ways to give the bird other food, such as rodents and insects.

However, it is unethical to intentionally or deliberately give them dead rodents and other foods. Never bait them just to make them visit your place. Attracting them naturally is much better than baiting them.

However, you can avoid using insecticides or pesticides in your backyard so that there will be enough food sources when the hawk visits your place. You also do not want to trap these pests so that the hawk will have plenty of food once they visit your home.

Provide a Nesting Sites that Fits Them

The hawk will be using the same nesting site where they perch and roost at night. So, you must plant large trees around your area to ensure your place will be the habitat best fitted for the hawk.


So, how to attract hawks to your yard? You can do many things, but you must focus on developing your backyard into a habitat perfect for this bird species. You will also need to provide enough water sources, food, and nesting sites for them to return to your place. It can be challenging, but once they visit, it can also be the most significant accomplishment from your end as a birder.

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