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How to Keep Bird Seed in Cage (Tips and Tricks)

how to keep bird seed in cage: tips and tricks

It is a frequent occasion that birds mess with their food and bird seeds. Birds are not very keen on keeping things organized and clean for their owners. Therefore, you should use several tricks to prevent a mess at the end of the day.

Not only does this keep your bird happy and healthy, but it will save you time and energy from having to buy more and clean more every day!

You can use many tips on how to keep birdseed in a cage, but what works best will depend on your situation.

Keeping Bird Seed in Cage

1. Use a Food Dish

Invest in a good quality food dish that will hold much more than an average one would, even though there is no need to fill half of it.

These dishes are often slightly raised or curved, allowing any excess behind them while ensuring that none falls out.

A common mistake by many people (myself included) is using flat feeding dishes that end up spilling most of their contents onto the floor.

2. Use a Wide Birdcage

Use a wide birdcage with a large door and place the seed dispenser inside it in an area. With such a cage, your pet will not have to climb over difficult terrain to get their food.

If you keep this too far away from them, they may not be willing to make the trip, leading to them starving themselves!

You should also keep any water nearby, preferably with its dish, so there is less chance of spillage onto the flooring.

3. Track how Much Seed you Use

Measure the amount of seed you put into each feeding tray by weighing them before refilling. Write down how many grams were used per day to notice when it is time to refill. Doing this also eliminates the guesswork of how much to give your bird each day and prevents overfeeding, leading to obesity in pet birds.

4. Invest in a Spill-Proof Feeder

A spill-proof feeder will save you a lot of time and mess. There are many different types available on the market, but my personal favorite is the one that hangs from the side of the cage. This way, your bird can perch on top of it and eat comfortably without any seeds spilling onto the floor.

Why do Birds Throw Seeds out of Feeders?

keeping bird seed in cage

There are a few possible reasons why this might happen.

One possibility is that the bird is trying to keep the feeder clean.

If there are too many seeds in the feeder, it can be difficult for the bird to find a place to perch and eat. By throwing some of the seeds out, the bird can make more room for itself at the feeder.

Another possibility is that the bird is trying to store food for later.

Birds will often cache food by hiding it away in different places. By throwing some of the seeds out of the feeder, the bird can create a small cache to keep seeds from getting wet or molding.

A third possibility is that the bird may just be playing with its food.

Many birds will play around with their food before eating it, especially if they are young and still learning to eat their meal properly.

Some birds even put small rocks in a feeder as an experiment! The rock acts as ballast so that the seed can float on water for later consumption. Then, when the bird returns to take another sip of water, it does not have to leave its perch at the feeder.

Should I Leave Food in my Bird’s Cage?

There is no definitive answer as to whether or not you should leave food in your bird’s cage.

Some people say that it’s essential to keep food in the cage at all times so the bird doesn’t go hungry. Others believe that it’s best to only put food in the cage when you’re going to be around to watch the bird eat.

The truth is, there are pros and cons to both approaches.

  • Leaving food in the cage all of the time can result in spoilage and mold growth, especially if you have a wet-food diet for your bird. It can also lead to obesity if your bird overeats
  • On the other hand, if you put food in the cage only when you can watch the bird eat, it’s more likely to develop bad habits, such as screaming for food when you’re not around

If you’re feeding your bird a seed-based diet, it’s essential to keep the seed in the cage so that he always has access to food.

However, if you’re feeding your bird a pellet or other prepared diet, there’s no need to keep the seed in the cage. It might even be harmful because birds that eat mostly seeds are more likely to become obese.


The problem with birdseed is that it can be costly, messy, and attract bugs. Birds are an excellent addition to any home, but they can be pretty messy. Therefore, we have coved some advice on how you can keep the birdseed in the cage and not all over your floor or countertop.

You should make sure that there is enough space for them to fly around without knocking anything over. It’s also important to clean up after their messes as soon as possible, so it doesn’t become an issue later on down the line.

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