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How to Keep Birds Away From Car

how to keep birds away from car

Birds bring so many positive things once they visit your place. However, they can also be irritating and annoying at once because of some awful things that they do. If you own a car, birds can unintentionally build a nest, poop, or even scratch some parts of your vehicle.

With this annoyance, how to keep birds away from car? There are some possible methods that you can do to scare these birds away from the vehicle. These methods include putting a car cover, fake predators, and bird repellents. The most important thing to remember is to use a technique that will scare the birds away but not hurt them.

Using Visual Deterrents

One way to prevent birds from coming into your place is to use visual deterrents. In this method, you will be using some images to scare the birds and prevent them from doing unnecessary things to your vehicle.

One visual deterrent that you can use is a fake snake that will be strategically put in the car when parked. Since the snake is a natural enemy and predator of birds, any birds who will attempt to visit your car will likely be scared.

When a bird is looking for a place to nest and spot your vehicle, seeing a snake will scare them. The snakes are usually responsible for eating bird eggs on the nest, which means their fake images can scare the birds planning to nest in your car.

An owl decoy or a red tail hawk decoy can also be used. This decoy is available for purchase. You can set the position of this decoy anywhere visible in the car. The owl usually hunts at night, so it will be better to put it at night. On the other hand, the red tail hawk is known to be a daytime predator, which means putting it during the day will be effective.

Also, you need to find a way for these deterrents to be effective. If you do not move it for a few days, there is a chance that the birds will recognize them as fake. Moving them around will make the birds think that they are real.

Another visual repellent is using a bird repellent scare tape. This tape will be hanging in strategic places, including your car. You can also hang it in the windows, railings, siding, decks, garden fences, and fruit trees. The downside of this tap is it produces a noisy sound when there is wind.

Using Car Cover

using car cover

Using a car cover is the most practical way not only to keep the birds away from the car but to protect it as well. It is also the easiest method since most car owners usually have a car cover in their homes.

The car cover is the best way to prevent the birds from building a nest in the car. Once everything in the car is covered, there is no way that the bird can wreak havoc and do anything not desirable inside the car.

There are also other benefits to using a car cover in your vehicle. The car cover will keep the paint from fading. It will also prevent the birds from scratching the surface. It will also help keep the car clean and avoid dirt and dust from coming into the car.

Sound Deterrent

When learning how to keep birds away from car mirrors and other parts of the vehicle, using a sound deterrent has also been proven to be effective. Apparently, there are many sound emitters built to repel birds from coming. This product is called an ultrasonic bird repeller which is used to keep the birds away.

But how does it work? This tool will emit sounds designed to irritate the birds to lure them away from a particular place. A battery-powered emitter is perfect to be used in cars because of its portability feature.

This ultrasonic transmitter has successfully repelled insects and rodents while also effectively scaring birds away. If you have some electrical background, you can even hardwire this tool into your car’s electrical system for easy usage.

how to keep birds away from car mirrors

Smell Deterrent

Another way to deter the birds from wreaking havoc in your car is to use sprays that birds do not like. It has been well documented that birds do not like the smell of some sprays such as peppermint oil, chili flakes, and cayenne pepper.

But how do you apply it in the car? You can use cotton buds by soaking them in the spray. After that, you can strategically put these cotton buds in locations where the birds are usually creating some problems.

By Using Old CDs

If you have some creativity, you can actually create a DIY bird deterrent and use it to keep birds away from cars. Using old compact discs is also proven to be very effective in keeping the birds away from the car.

The use of the CD is to maximize its reflective side to scare the birds away. You can strategically put the CD in your carport. Another option is to hang them in places where the birds will frequently visit.

Once the birds see their reflection on the CD, they will think it is a predator or another competition. This situation will make them uneasy and afraid and result in the bird leaving where your car is parked.


Learning how to keep birds away from your car is essential to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Once the bird likes your car, it will keep coming back, especially when building a nest.

There are different methods used to deter these birds, as stated in the article. All of these methods are simple and practical. But the most important thing is that these methods are effective but will not hurt or kill the birds once they are applied.

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