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How to Train A Parakeet To Talk: Not So Easy as It Seems

how to train a parakeet to talk

A parakeet makes a lovely and fun pet when we need a companion that cheers up our days. Many adopt these birds thinking it is easy to teach them to talk. However, we have to give them cues and teach them to mimic words and phrases, which means we should have enough patience and consistency.

It may take a while for this process to work, but if we’re willing to put in the time, our parakeet will eventually say everything we teach it!

If you would like to train your parakeet how to talk, there are some steps that you should take first. This blog post will discuss the process and tips for training your parakeet. Read on!

How to Train Parakeets to Talk?

1. Choose the Right Parakeets for Training

Parakeets need to be taught how to speak just like any other skill. Therefore, it’s better to get a young parakeet since they are more adaptable and easier to train than older parakeets.

Also, do not teach many parakeets simultaneously since several will make noise in the process and get each other all riled up, making it hard for training.

2. Prepare the Environment

One of the most important aspects of training a parakeet to talk is providing them with an environment conducive to learning.

You should place the parakeet’s cage in a place with little to no noise. It will allow them the opportunity to focus and train without being distracted by outside noises.

While parrots possess an innate ability to mimicry (which allows them excellent communication skills), not all parrots want or care about communicating as humans do. Therefore, to prevent distraction while learning, the birdcage should be covered with a plain blanket. This way, you can keep your bird engaged in your activities and words.

Also, it would help if you taught your bird in the morning when it is not tired yet.

3. Pre-training Activities

There are a few things you can do before training your parakeet to talk that will help make the process easier.

One is to make sure your parakeet is comfortable with being handled by you. Make friends with it by speaking softly and building trust.

It should also be familiar with the words you want them to learn. It’s also important to keep your parakeet stimulated by talking to it and engaging in interactive games.

4. The Training Process

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start training your parakeet to talk. The process is quite simple, but it requires patience and consistency.

Step One: Making Noise

The first step in training your parakeet is getting them used to making noise. Place a few treats in front of your parakeet and make a loud sound, such as clapping hands or whistling.

As soon as your bird makes any noise, give it a treat. Be sure to repeat this process several times each day until your bird is comfortable making noise.

Step Two: Start With Basic Commands

Teach your parakeet some basic commands. The most important ones are “come,” “stay,” “go,” and “no.” You can also teach your parakeet to say its name.

Say the word you want your parakeet to learn while offering them a treat. Once it has learned the word, continue saying it regularly to help it associate spelling the right word with reward.

Step Three: Introduce Words and Phrases Slowly

Once your parakeet knows basic commands, you can teach them words and phrases. But remember to introduce them slowly; if you try to teach too many things at once, the bird will become confused and not learn anything.

Start by choosing simple words or phrases that are easy for the parakeet to say.

Repeat the words or phrases several times a day, and always reward the bird with a treat when it responds correctly.

Make sure your parakeet can repeat the same right phrase or word at least three times before moving on to a new one.

Important notes:

how long does it take to train a parakeet to talk

You should talk to your parakeet for several minutes per session. Then, stop a bit to rest and continue for 30 minutes to an hour.

Be sure to keep up with the training exercises even after your parakeet has learned how to talk, as it’s important to keep the language skills sharp. And always have fun with the parakeet while teaching it instead of being angry and frustrated.

How long Does it Take to Train a Parakeet to Talk?

It may take several weeks or even months for your parakeet to learn how to talk properly, but with patience and practice, you’ll be able to train it to say just about anything you teach it to.

You may not see any progress at first, but eventually, your parakeet will start saying more and more words. And remember, don’t get discouraged if your parakeet doesn’t learn to talk perfectly.

Even if it only knows a few words, that’s still enough to make you smile every time you hear them speak.


A parakeet is one of the most popular animals for people who want a friend with the ability to communicate. We know that it can be difficult when our pets don’t do what we want them to right away.

Still, we hope this article has been informative, giving you motivation and methods for the training project. If you have any questions, reach out to us in the comment section below, we will make sure to give you advice on those.

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