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What Makes A Good Bird Bath?

what makes a good bird bath

The National Wildlife Federation accentuates that bird baths are more active and critical for different bird species during summer seasons.

In particular, they help feathered creatures and small animals to stay hydrated with sufficient water to drink and bathe in.

If that’s the case, “what makes a good bird bath?”

A good bird bath must be easy to clean and maintain and features ideal height and functional construction. For it to act as a natural shelter for your feathered friends, you must place it in a shady location. Position it high enough, meaning not too low or too high. See the post below for more exciting details about a functional bird bath.

What makes a Good Bird Bath?

You can find different types of bird baths in the market today, or you may even create your DIY version. But not all bird baths are sound because a good unit should consider your needs and that of your feathered friends.

A good and functional birdbath highly regards the needs, comfort, and safety of birds, such as:


how tall should a bird bath be

As humans dislike being exposed to direct sun heat, birds do too! For that reason, it’s fitting to have your bird bath shaded, away from direct sunlight.

A shady bird bath is a natural covering for birds as they drink and bathe. Installing your bird bath on neighboring trees, shrubs, and other covers that act like shelters is best.

Keeping the birdbath away from direct sunlight is vital as this condition can affect water quality.

Remember, a shady birdbath does wonders in lessening the water’s evaporation rate, preventing it from drying instantly.

Shady bird baths help impede algae accumulation and prevent insects from producing eggs in the water.

Bird Bath’s Design


According to the Bathing Birds Study, bird baths are ideal spots for feathered creatures to mingle. They are perfect spots for diverse bird species to interact with their buddies and opponents.

For this reason, your bird bath’s location, design, and cleanliness significantly influence birds. Hence, consider these factors before choosing between simple, pedestal, and hanging bird bath designs.

A wide pedestal bath design will work in your location if your garden has appropriate level areas. Similarly, getting a hanging model is only helpful if you have a secured spot to hang your bird bath.

Different birds will undoubtedly find your bird bath more attractive if you add protective covers or perches. Perches are reliable as they provide feathered creatures with a safe spot to land and avoid danger.

Put the perch beside the bird bath and not directly on top of it because your feathered buddies poop too!

Easy to Clean, Maintain and Refill


The intricate designs of some bird baths feature elaborate and meticulous mosaics and sculptures, making cleaning and maintenance strenuous.

Due to this, I recommend picking bird baths with simple designs, like plain plastic basins or concrete baths. These models are relatively quick to clean and can last for many years.

You may also check out birdbaths made with copper and glazed basins, as they remain naturally unstained.

Remember, a tidy bird bath will be frequented by many bird species that will delight your eyes. Therefore, if you want to keep feathered creatures to keep coming, keep the bird bath algae-free and dirt-free.

A clean bird bath supports birds’ health and wellness since it’s free of dirt, droppings, and other residues.

Lastly, a bird bath that’s easy to refill is ideal because it makes providing birds with sufficient water a breeze.

How Deep Should a Bird Bath Be?

how deep should a bird bath be

Keeping your bird bath shallow is ideal if you don’t intend to attract Puffin and Seagull. Please note that most birds don’t get impressed by deep water. Your bird bath should be approximately two inches or below in depth. This depth makes it sufficient for tiny feathered creatures that drink, bathe, and play in your bird bath.

Meanwhile, if your existing bird bath is more profound, you can add gravel or big stones to the water. As such, you won’t have to replace your old bird bath and spend more.

The stones and gravel can keep the birds secured and protected as they have a place to stand in safely.

How Tall Should a Bird Bath Be?

While there’s no actual height requirement for bird baths, consider your needs and that of your feathered friends. You must ensure keeping the bird bath within reach to make cleaning and maintenance smooth sailing.

You can find varieties of bird baths nowadays, and most are designed specifically in locations where you’ll place the unit.

For instance, standing bird baths are commonly installed above pedestals, measuring 24 to 30 inches high. These units are ideal for placing in gardens or yards.

On the other hand, hanging bird baths are suitable for smaller bird species. You can position these units in porch eaves or tree branches.

If you want, pick bird baths that sit on the ground. These versions are excellent for providing rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals with water to drink.

Important Note: Hanging or taller bird baths are best if you have pets that may harm different bird species. These units can keep birds protected from different predators.

Bird baths on the ground provide drink for many animals; unfortunately, they’re unsuitable for birds and tiny animals. Since ground bird baths are placed lower and within reach, predators can quickly attack birds and other tiny creatures.


Ultimately, bird baths give gardens impressive views and allow you to care for feathered creatures. These units are ideal all year round, ensuring birds have enough water to drink, play, and splash about.

Bird baths help transform a dull-looking yard and for bathing and hydrating birds. A bird bath’s suitable size and functional design can make a huge difference.

Regardless of your preferred bath design, what’s crucial is keeping it reachable, clean, and sheltered. If you find it entertaining to witness stress-relieving bird activities in your garden, putting a bird bath sounds perfect!

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