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The Best Ultrasonic Bird Repellent for 2024

best ultrasonic bird repeller

If you have been trying various bird control techniques, yet the pesky birds are still wandering around your veranda now and then, leaving waste on the stairway and destroying your flowering shrubs.

Or in any case, you realize that reflective rays and flapping sounds from scare rods, reflective bird tapes or other bird control devices are ruining your view’s integrity. If you are experiencing both of the mentioned matters, the best ultrasonic bird repeller would be your saviour.

This state-of-the-art device works silently yet effectively for casting annoying feathered creatures away. You are even not aware of the presence of this device or any track and sound of it in your living accommodation. This gadget deserves top prestigious stars from all customers.

Among a wide selection of ultrasonic-based products in the market place, I would like to suggest top products that would be beneficial for your life.

Best Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Reviews

1. Bird-X Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

bird x balcony gard ultrasonic bird repeller

The first marvellous ultrasound bird repeller should be put in your shopping cart is the Bird-X Ultrasonic Bird Repellent. This device produces high-pitched ultrasound waves of 15,000 – 25,000 Hz and periodic chirp sound to eliminate birds from perching and roosting.

This item comes with adjustable settings, which allow me to level up and down of my choice. Most of the time, I set it at Medium frequency, but I would love to move to a High setting when the mating season comes.

I installed this bird device on the roof, next to the chimney, where I do not wish to see any birds nesting.

At first, I was quite sceptical whether this machine would work for pigeons as it produces high-frequency sound – which does not belong to pigeons’ hearing range. It turns out the loud sound of 90 dB does a fantastic job. Pigeons feel annoyed and flee away once the sound is on suddenly.

Another reason why I purchased this gadget is that it can work effectively in an open region of 250 square metres. One book-sized device can cover my roof and front yard at the same time.

Sometimes, we can hear the sounds inside our house and from the front yard. My teenie kids seem to be more sensitive to the sound, as they can hear the light beeping noise but do not feel overwhelming. By contrast, my middle-aged neighbors rarely detect the noise, and maybe it is due to their aging hearing loss, I guess.

This machine operates with batteries with A/C option, and it also includes a 15-metre cord to connect to the power sources. It would be more wonderful if it could come with the rechargeable solar batteries. But the extension cord is already a very good offer when I need to place the device outside, by the garden fence or on the roof.

What We Liked
  • Cover a large area of about 270 square metres
  • Immediate results
  • Hardly affected by harsh weather
  • Humane to birds and safety to humans
What We Didn't Like
  • Beeping sounds may affect teenagers

This device is worth 5 stars among thousands of bird control devices in the market place. It is easy to install, durable and a silent lifesaver to rescue you from nuisance feathered creatures.

2. Izbie Z1 Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

izbie z1 ultrasonic

The next amazing sonic bird repellent device is the Izbie Z1 Ultrasound Bird Repellent. It not only casts pest birds away but also other furry intruders such as stray cats, rodents, mice, raccoons.

The most convincing reason urging me to buy this product is that it generates the widest high-frequency sound range (from 13,500 to 45,500 Hz) out of all devices currently available on the market. It also means a larger variety of animals will be got rid of once the device is on.

The lowest setting could eliminate rats, foxes, and weasels. The middle level would be effective for stray cats, badgers, and skunks. For these two settings, I can hear the continuous pitching noise when standing within 1 metre around.

My kids feel a bit irritated while playing quite close to this device, so I have to move it to the garden fence to reduce any negative impacts on them.

Lastly, the strongest setting, in combination with alarm and intense flashing LED light, would be a scary threat to wild animals, namely bats, birds, rodents. This highest level emits high-pitched sound over 24,500 Hz, which is far higher than humans’ auditory range. However, the alarming sound is still annoying to me.

This item is workable for a 90-square-metre area only, which is suitable for limited places such as a backyard or a small swimming pool. Thus, you should set this device right in the region where you do not any animals wandering around.

Quite different from other traditional designs, this product is attached on top of a sturdy pillar and plugged on the soft ground only, not be anchored on the wall or other surfaces.

This item also wins my heart as it is powered by solar energy, as it works and recharges by itself without my notice. Besides, it does not consume any of my effort for maintenance due to its water-proof design.

What We Liked
  • Rechargeable batteries and solar charging panel
  • Withstand any weather conditions
  • Cruelty-free to animals
What We Didn't Like
  • Alarming sound somehow annoys humans

This is a must-buy product to deter destructive animals away. Do bear in mind to set up the device under the sunshine, facing directly to the directions where unwanted animals come from for maximum effectiveness.

3.Bird-X PRO Electronic Bird Repeller Version WP

bird x birdxpeller pro electronic bird repeller

Instead of targeting many types of invasive animals like most of the current ultrasonic bird repellent devices, Bird-X has launched a special version, namely Pro Bird Repeller Version 2, that solely focuses on deterring woodpeckers and sparrows.

This model creates the natural bird sounds, namely alarming clank from birds of prey and the calls from natural predators of woodpeckers and sparrows. These moaning sounds go off every five minutes and they would threaten and alert smaller birds to fly away from the danger.

Amazingly, this model is ideal for large regions such as farms and fields as it can cover up to one acre. It is truly a powerful model producing 105-110 dB sounds, which are as noisy as the sound of a music concert and an ambulance siren within 1 metre radiant. These blaring sounds would chase woodpeckers and sparrows away.

One thing to be addressed is that the sound emitted from this model ranges from 3,000-5,000Hz, which falls within the auditory range of humans and woodpeckers. In this manner, we would hear the sound all the time from 100-metre distance.

My whole family somehow feel disturbed, and my neighbors are quite unhappy with this as well.

The good news is this model is completely customizable with different levels of loudness, 8 sound recordings and adjustable timer (daytime, night-time, whole day and random).

As I am living in a residential area, I usually set moderate loudness and daytime mode. But if you use the model for your farm, I guess it should be set at loudest sound and whole-day mode.

This model, wistfully, is not structured with solar batteries. I have to install it near the electricity source to ensure that it runs continuously.

What We Liked
  • Cover one-acre region
  • Exclusively for woodpeckers and sparrows
  • Various settings (loudness, timer, different bird calls)
  • Extended energy requirements of 110v or 220vAC or 12vDC
What We Didn't Like
  • A loud sound (105-110 dB) harms humans

This is a wise investment to expel invasive birds from your large property such as farms and cultivated fields. But, please be careful with the abomination caused by such a loud and frequent sound.

4. Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller

bird x yard gard electronic animal repeller

The next effective bird repellent sound that I would love to suggest is the Bird-X Yard Gard. This product is ideally applicable to small restricted areas such as gardens, lawns, koi ponds, swimming pool decks.

The cogent reason why I make a purchase it runs with a motion sensor. Once any animals intrude within 10 metres, the machine detects the movement and gives off such threatening sound to ward off these animals. For me, it is a good feature as I do not need to hear the sound all day long.

This version does indeed eliminate a few types of birds away, but I realize that it works best for other ground, larger animals such as dogs, deer, raccoons. I must pay attention to the pet dogs in my neighborhood to see whether they are disturbed or not.

The next good point is the detailed sound levels. Normally, the other devices are categorized into low-middle-high or 1-2-3 level, thus I have to reread the manual to choose which level is workable for what kinds of animals. But this model paints another picture, as it takes me no time to adjust as the names of specific animals are already clearly painted around the button.

This product works on 4C batteries, which can last for about 1 month of constant working. The batteries are non-rechargeable, so that they will be replaced after a while. After a long time of using, I think the plugged cord would be the best as it remains stable and continuous working.

This model emits high-frequency sounds that do not harm humans, and sometimes I do hear the noise for several settings. And I found that if this model exposes to moisture in the air, the frequency will change accordingly and everyone can hear the noise from a distance of 20 metres.

What We Liked
  • Motion-activated feature
  • 8 recorded sounds for specific animals
  • Cover up to a region of 350 square metres
What We Didn't Like
  • Not stable in moist air
  • Quite loud noise for humans

Here comes another portable bird control device for your family. However, its efficacy is sometimes affected by the moisture in the air.

5. Cleanrth TSBR620 Super Advanced Sonic

cleanrth tsbr620 super advanced sonic

One ultrasonic bird repeller does it work is the CleanRTH Advanced Ultrasonic model. This gadget catches my attention due to its triple scanned technology, which detects the body heat instead of body movement.

Firstly, this model works efficiently in a large region of over 1,000 square meters. It can detect the body heat within 35 metres in a frame of a 120-degree arc. If animals come from either side of the machine, it is still applicable. But always anchor the device facing towards directions where the unwanted animals appear.

This model is pretty flexible with separate functions, such as each sensor for strobe light and ultrasound, level of frequency, different sensitiveness (limit or extend the infrared areas). It is such a wise design as I can choose the proper function to blast birds away without interrupting our daily family activities during day time.

I am quite concerned with the loudness. When setting high frequency, there are only me and teenage kids hearing the clicking sound, yet not awful.

My relatives, who are in their middle-age years, feel nothing even though they are standing about 2 metres away from it. The troubles appear once I set a low-frequency level since the sound bothers my neighbors. So I prefer to set the high one.

What We Liked
  • Effective for an area of 1,100 square metres
  • Combined with powerful strobe light
  • 3 adjustable modes (all day, motion-activated, always off)
What We Didn't Like
  • No solar charger

I believe this device will bring peace to your living area. This is a trust-worthy gadget for your garden.

6. Bird-X Pro Electronic Bird Repeller Version 1

bird x birdxpeller pro electronic bird repeller version 1

Here comes another top-quality electronic bird repeller from the Bird-X company. This is the 1st Version of Pro Bird Repeller especially targeting pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and gulls.

Quite similar to the advanced version, this model performs 8 distinctive noises naturally recorded bird distress calls and predator calls to disorient, frighten pest birds away. I feel free to try all the noises to check which one works best for my current situation.

This model is completely programmable and flexible in choosing the proper settings with timer and volume levels. One smart function is random mode.

This mode allows us to activate calls in nonnumerical order, not in order from 1 to 8 as listed. I think it is a brilliant idea as birds sometimes get familiar with the repetitive sound, the unexpecting noise would chase birds away more efficiently.

I recognize that this version is most effective for starlings and sparrows as it produces 3,000-5,000 Hz sound, falling into the hearing range of these bird types. Apart from it, the loud blast of 105-110 dB makes pigeons warn pigeons of not coming to this protected area.

Again, such loud noise coming from this device somehow annoys us as well. For some periods, I turn it off during night time in order not to be disturbed by such high-pitched sound.

What We Liked
  • Various bird predator calls
  • Flexible settings
What We Didn't Like
  • A loud sound may affect humans
  • Restricted power requirements of either 110v or 12vDC

I have to say that it is a persuasive product for chasing birds away. But always be aware of the annoying blast and limited energy source requirements.

7. Aspectek Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Animal Repeller

aspectek electronic ultrasonic pest animal repeller

I am also pleased to include Aspectek Ultrasonic Aminal Repeller in my recommended electronic bird repellent due to its portable design, affordable price yet powerful.

This item emits a sound of high frequency ranging from 15,000 to 18,000 Hz, which is the hearing range of some types of birds, deer, rabbits, squirrels.

I am pretty impressed with the extended cone type signal area up to 150 degrees, increasing the chances to cast unwanted animals away.

However, the wise cats would find other ways to approach the device from the back or climbing on the wall to avoid such annoying sound. I think it does happen to most of the devices, not only for this model.

I am not worried that the emitted frequency will be changed by the moist in the air, especially in the rainy season. After a long time of using, I realize that it works stably under any weather conditions, no matter what it is hot, foggy or pouring.

This product comes with 5 levels of ultrasonic waves for particular types of pests and animals. I also find it is a convenient product with an adaptable time setting, motion sensor, volume control for sonic alarm.

Generally, the alarm is loud as the frequency is within humans’ hearing range. But it depends on your age, hearing ability and space, so please try all sounds and levels to pick up the most silent setting for yourself.

This model can be run on 4C batteries for about a month, and then I directly plug in the outdoor electricity source. Unfortunately, the charger does not fit in the standard electrical box, as it is too big. So I have to look for a smaller adapter to connect to the energy. I wish the producer could fix this problem.

What We Liked
  • Work stably, hardly affected by moisture in the air
  • Loud sounds affect animals: cats, some birds, skunks
What We Didn't Like
  • The charger plug is too big for a normal standard outdoor electrical box

In spite of its deficient plug-in charger, it is still a value bird control device for my garage, swimming pool. And I can carry it along whenever going camping as well.

8. Humutan Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

humutan ultrasonic dog mosquito repellent

Another motion-activated bird deterrent that should be on my list is the Humutan Ultrasonic pest repellent. This one immediately catches my sight as it completely runs on solar energy and its ET-alike look.

This gadget work on a detection area of 110 degrees only, so it is suitable for a smaller place with erected fences and walls. To take good advantage of its infrared area, I place it in the closed corner of my fence, facing towards the main entrance, where the wild animals mainly come from.

I realize that this model produces 18,000-40,000 Hz, which is an ideal frequency for larger animals such as large birds. And sometimes, it works on house cats, dogs, several types of mice and rabbits as well. Red light and strobe light are also combined for increasing effectiveness.

One good thing is the passive infrared sensor (PIR) works quite well. It shortly detects the movement and triggers the ultrasound within a second, the strobe light and red light are activated right after that. I can see birds, particularly pigeons, flying away once the lights are on. Sadly, it seems not effective for squirrels and large dogs.

This product is mounted on the ground on top of a spike. The spike can be easily assembled from 3 separate parts. I am quite afraid of the plastic spike as it is thin and not that sturdy. I have no idea whether it can withstand strong winds or not.

What We Liked
  • Workable on a 110-degree horizontal range
  • Work on solar energy
  • Easy to plug in and remove off the ground
What We Didn't Like
  • Seem to be out of order during wintertime

Though the result of deterring larger birds away is not clear, it is still worth spending money as you can get rid of such annoying birds.

9. Bird-X Transonic Pro Electronic Pest Repeller

bird x transonic pro electronic pest repeller

Apart from outdoor electronic bird scarers mentioned above, Bird X Transonic Pest repeller is exclusively for indoor use. It can be placed by the window, on your patio’s fence.

This product is innovated with 3 sound patterns and 3 sound volumes with the same high-frequency for all. The recorded sounds are quite similar to squeak shriek noises, as they sound like the moan of animals get caught or hurt.

This noise waves disrupt pest communication and their feeding habits, which works best for bats, mice, and other insects. But my family is haunted by it. I am not sure that I would use it for the long term.

This product can cover a limited area of about 100 square metres, which means my whole house and a part of my garden. If I need to drive insects away from my garden, I should lay it by the window or stairways, facing toward the garden.

One thing that should be noticed is the cord is about 0.5 metre long-only, so I always put it close to the electricity source.

What We Liked
  • Portable – flexible to place in any spots
  • Small-sized, look like normal dual speakers
What We Didn't Like
  • Too loud when staying in the same room
  • Limited cord

I think this model is ideal for small family use with not serious bird problems. Some people may find the sound is too loud, but the trouble will be gone if you place the device in a different room with your family rooms.

10. Bird B Gone The Bird Repeller

bird b gone the bird repeller

Let’s put such noisy devices aside for a short while, here comes a portable spinning Bird B Gone Repellent. I have to emphasize that this model is not an ultrasonic pigeon repeller, as it uses the spinning movement to prevent birds from landing on the guarded area. It is appraised as an animal-friendly deterrent.

This product is outstanding, with adjustable arms reaching up to a 1.5-meter diameter. These arms are constantly spinning with the power of solar energy.

When the batteries are fully charged, it rotates at a pretty fast rate. This item works directly on the place where it is mounted only, not prevents birds from a distance.

There are 4 suction cups in each corner of the base. I can mount them on the outdoor tables or decks to avoid the birds. These 4 cups gradually lose their strength to secure the device, so I have to replace them all after 3 or 4 months.

As I expected initially, this device cannot stand under extreme weather. After 3 months under the sun, it turns into brittle, since I can feel that it would be cracked if falling off from a low chair.

Amazingly, the device runs on solar energy. It is also equipped with 2 AA rechargeable batteries, but I can feel it is not as powerful as the solar energy does. It rotates slower in the mild day. I guess it would be useless when the winter comes.

What We Liked
  • Solar-energy run
  • Adjustable arms up to 1.5 metre
  • Flexible to moan in tables, porches.
What We Didn't Like
  • Become fragile under harsh weather

In my perspective, this device suits small gardens with small coffee tables. It will help you to stay away from pesky birds without any noise.

What to Look for When Buying an Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

ultrasonic pigeon repeller

Before investing your money in an ultrasonic bird scarer, you have to go a checklist of criteria thoroughly to choose the most suitable device for your current situation.

Types of birds

A prerequisite criterion is to be aware of the actual audible ability of birds that you want to get rid of. Generally, the hearing range of birds fluctuates from 1,000 Hz to 4,000 Hz. However, the pest birds – pigeons, house sparrows, starlings, seagulls – are exceptions.

Pigeons can detect infrasound, not high-pitched sound. Therefore, you have to choose the proper device emitting proper sound frequency to drive birds away effectively.

The Loudness

Several ultrasonic bird deterrents produces loud sound as well. Some can emit sound from 75 dB up to 120 dB within a metre radian. This roaring sound immediately frightens the birds and other animals, but it is a hearing-related danger to humans as well.

Humans’ Safety

If you are about to install the device in the place mixing with your neighborhood, you had better take a good inspection whether there are any newborns or not.

The high-pitched sound from the bird scarer might damage a baby ‘s hearing ability. For several circumstances, women may suffer headaches, dizziness due to the ultrasonic sound as they are far more sensitive than men.

Home Pets’ Safety

It should be noticed that home cats and dogs are sometimes terrified of the high-frequency and irritating sounds from ultrasonic devices. You should be cautious about installing ultrasonic tools in your area.

The Guarded Area

It depends on how large and how open the region you would like to protect, then you can consider the device’s coverage and capacity.

If you plan to protect an acre farm, you had better take a look at high capacity devices. But any gadget which could cover a moderate region of 30 metres square is a wise choice when you are living in a dense residential area.

Workable Infrared Area

You are also aware of the applicable infrared area. Imagine the device is the centre of a circle, the applicable infrared region is measured with the degree of an arc, where the sound can reach on either side of the machine.

Several devices works on angels of 100 – 120 – 160 degrees, thus anything not within this angle will not be affected by the ultrasound. It does make sense when some animals are free to reach the device from behind.

Types of Batteries

Most of the time, this gadget is installed outdoor, it may or may not close to the electricity source. That is the reason why you have to pick up the device with solar rechargeable batteries or direct charging function.

Other Added Functions

You may find several ultrasound devices equipped with a strobe light, distress calls and predator calls. If your wish is to eliminate grim birds such as owls, eagles, you may need further assistance from flashing light.

Warranty and Maintenance

The length of the guarantee varies from branch to branch. And you may face some difficulties in finding the right place to fix it when any error happens. Do a search for warranty length and maintenance place once buying an ultrasonic device.

Your Budget

Sure is. This up-to-date device may be tagged in a higher price range than other conventional bird control techniques. You had better make a good comparison among current items on the market place, and you may work a savings target for later purchase.

What is an Ultrasonic Bird Repeller?

Before getting to know an ultrasonic bird deterrent, we should be well-equipped with an audible range of humans and several types of birds, such as canaries, house sparrows.

As studied by the scientists, the human can hear from the lowest frequency of 20 Hz, which could be the sound of a heartbeat, the ticking sound from the clock’s hands. People can handle the sound of 20,000 Hz without discomfort in our hearing ability.

In terms of loudness, humans, generally, can hear sound from 0 to 85 decibel (dB). The normal speech marks at about 55 dB, and the annoying sound from heavy city traffic reaches 85 dB. It is dangerous if people are exposed to such loud sounds in a prolonged period.

Meanwhile, the auditory ability of most birds ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 Hz. The canary can detect sound between 1,100-10,000 Hz frequency, 675-11,500 Hz for house sparrow.

Some songbirds may hear up to 20,000 Hz sound. But pigeons can detect the infrasonic sounds, which is from 0.5 Hz to lower than 10 Hz.

Ultrasonic bird deterrent emits the sound with the high frequency and certain loudness to chase birds or other types of unwanted animals away without negative effects on the human’s audible range. The high-pitched sound is far from the audible range of humans, but it falls within the hearing capacity of several types of birds.

However, it should be noticed that the factual hearing range of humans varies by age and gender. Some women and young children are unexpectedly affected by the ultrasound. For the middle-aged or the elderly, some might not hear the ultrasound due to the hearing loss.

How does It Work?

Ultrasonic bird control device gives off the high-pitched sound to drive trouble-makers birds away.

It produces the sound of high frequency ranging from 15,000 up to 30,000 Hz, which may annoy or trigger the nervous systems of birds. They also realize the sound as a warning from their predators or an alert of territorial violation so the birds would not come close to the guarded area.

This gadget can be used to avoid unwanted birds in human habitats such as residential areas, city squares, or in wild spaces like farms, cultivated fields. This book-sized machine offers huge comfort to humans’ life.

What are The Different Types of Ultrasonic Bird Repellers?

Ultrasonic bird repellers can be categorized into outdoor and indoor use. Indoor devices are sufficient for the family’s use and small houses. Meanwhile, outdoor gadgets are perfect for front yards, gardens, farms, and fields.

Based on the level of sound frequency, it can be named as low-frequency devices (at under 10,000 Hz), moderate (about 10,000-20,000Hz) and high (over 20,000 Hz).

The first 2 levels are audible for humans too, so you have to be cautious when installing any devices in crowded regions or any newborns are around. For the highest level, most of the humans, except several special teenagers, cannot hear the sound, but it would threaten your home dogs and cats.

In terms of kind of sounds, some devices are recorded with natural bird predator calls, distress calls, or the groaning noise of animals. These sounds are the best tool to cast birds away, but people may feel frightened and haunted. Other devices produce chirping or clanking sound only.

These devices could be divided into different groups with other criteria, such as with or without a motion sensor, the infrared region, with or without flashing lights.

Why do You Need an Ultrasonic Bird Repeller? (Benefits)

There are dozens of types of bird repellent devices on the market place, some of them are traditional methods yet still being sold out shortly. However, the ultrasonic bird repeller is truly the most sought-after product due to several primary benefits that it has brought to the customers.

Silent Hero

It is no doubt that the scary sound from ultrasonic repellent terrifies birds from a distance, thus these aggravating feathered creatures would not prowl your garden and guarded regions. Additionally, it also brings out prompt results, and I bet that you would not see any birds after 2 or 3 days of using.

Safety for Birds

This device does not harm the birds at all. Once the birds detect alarming sound from a distance, they whizz right away.

Safety for Humans

Most of the time, this device emits high-frequency sound, which is not within the auditory range of humans but falls in the hearing capacity of the birds.

However, some versions give off a sound that is audible to the human ear, each user, therefore, should be aware and cautious about selecting suitable settings for their neighborhood.


This gadget is normally designed in book-sized shape, lightweight and portable. Its presence would not be that noticeable compared to other tools such as reflective bird tapes and scare rods.

Durability and least maintenance

Ultrasonic bird device can bear harsh weather in a long period. It also works with the least attention and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

ultrasonic bird repeller does it work

What are The Most popular Ultrasonic Bird Repeller Brands?

More and more companies are developing and advancing ultrasonic bird scarer devices recently. Among these enterprises, the prominent brands are Bird X, Bird B Gone, Clean RTH, Aspectek, Humutan.

What is the Warranty?

The warranty is different, ranging from 6 months up to 2 years, depending on the warranty policy of each manufacturer. You can easily find this policy on the producer’s website, information box, and the manual instructions coming along with the device.

How to Install and Use?

It is pretty simple to anchor this device on the all, the roof, but you should consider some requirements as follows.

Flat surface: no matter where you would like to secure this machine, you had a better look for a flat surface that suits the flat base of it. Ultrasonic bird repellents are often in book size, and you would not get into any difficulty in finding a perfect surface for it. The most popular place for installation is the walls, roofs, fences or on a big tree branch.

Near the energy source: if it is a solar-battery version, it should be installed right under the sunshine without the shadow from nearby screens or trees. However, when it comes to a USB charger, you should consider the wire length and place the device near the electricity source.

How to Clean and Care?

One of the reasons I would like to recommend you to purchase the ultrasound bird deterrent is that it requires the least cleaning and attention compared to other bird control devices. As the device is made of durable plastic, it can stand for a long time under any weather conditions.

All I need to do is to wipe the dust or debris every 2 or 3 months, and check whether the batteries are working or not. I am sure that you will not get into any difficulties while using it.

Where to Buy?

Ultrasonic bird repellents can be found in some gardening shops, bird control stores. Or you can buy directly from the suppliers by visiting their websites and other online shopping sites.


Far beyond other conventional bird control tools protecting a tiny space, a small ultrasonic bird deterrent prevents feathered intruders from a distance. The birds would recognize the sound as a source of danger so that they would not get closer to it.

Also, the best ultrasonic bird repeller would save your time in maintenance and work for a longer period than traditional bird scarer devices.

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