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The Best Bird Baths for 2024

best bird bath

There is no doubt that the best bird baths are first-rate ways to entice varieties of birds to visit and make a lasting stay in your deck, patio, garden or backyard. In the same way, these could be very appealing adornments to your landscape that could certainly make your dwelling place more inviting and a relaxing hub for you and your family.

It is interesting to learn that the diversity, as well as the number of birds visiting in your place, will instantly increase and they will definitely be lured to spend more time in your garden since there is no need for them to go elsewhere to enjoy a filling source of fresh water for them to drink and splash in.

The good news is that there are many different kinds of bird baths that you can select from, and both bird lovers and gardeners should cautiously ponder on the several factors with regards to construction, design or style, functionality and convenience prior to purchasing a bird bath. Take in mind that through a careful selection, the bird bath you chose is more likely to captivate a broad array of lovely bird species to your place.

Best Bird Bath Reviews

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Pedestal Bird Bath

Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Pedestal Bird Bath Vintage Decor Green

This is one of the top-rated bird baths. It comes with a very impressive element that could be added to your yard or garden. This bird bath’s very rustic and classic look is a sure hit to people who adore antique collections. Indeed, it is well-constructed yet it is very lightweight. It is made of frost and weather resin that makes it a wise investment to consider.

You’ll love its single basin as this is plain-looking but quite appealing. It comes with scallop-like engravings, roomy enough to satisfy birds to drink and wade into. It is made with plastic but it looks like metal and is a type of plastic that’s made of high quality.

Its base and pedestal stand once filled with water or sand will become sturdy enough to resist windy periods. In so doing, this could ensure resistance and stability to guarantee that your garden art remains secured and in place. This is definitely a fascinating attraction to your feathered friends and it could also add a wonderful touch of style.

What We Liked
  • Constructed with sturdy materials, elegant design and style and is well-built
  • Spacious basin
  • Comes with an elegant pedestal that is quite attractive and expensive-looking
  • Lightweight making it easy to transport or move from one location to another
  • Easy to put together
  • Reasonably-priced
  • A piece of cake to empty, clean and refill
What We Didn't Like
  • Without putting something concrete or heavy on its base or pedestal, there is a tendency that it might tilt, tip, fall or collapse on its own

So, it is advisable to ensure that you support its base with heavy stuff to maximize its uses and guarantee its safety.

This is a great option in that it could bring elegance and a soothing nature in your landscape. It comes with very detailed ornaments from its bowl to its base and is an ideal adornment accent to any outdoor living space. It is interesting to see birds of different sizes can easily use it and it could hold them quite exceptionally without bending.

2. Pedestal Bird Bath


This backyard birdbath is easy to install. Keep in mind that it is essential to pour pea gravel or sand into its middle post to weigh it down. It is lightweight so without concrete material to support its base, it may collapse, tip, fall or tilt on its own especially when strong winds come.

It is very uplifting to observe that lots of robins, starlings, finches, grackles as well as sparrows love it. It is good at luring varieties of birds to visit and even decide to stay for long in your garden in different weather conditions.

More than that, it looks great too and is a perfect décor to your ordinary-looking landscape. Due to its lightweightness, you can move it easily anywhere you feel like placing it.

What We Liked
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with an amazing look; made with plastic but looks like metal
  • Budget-friendly
  • Friendly and safe for varieties of bird species to use
  • Withstands no matter how strong the wind is as long as a sufficient amount of sand is properly put in the base
  • A good addition to your landscape
  • Durable, reliable and functional
What We Didn't Like
  • It is not capable of holding a huge amount of water
  • There is a tendency that the water evaporates so fast in the basin which means you need to check and refill it more frequently

This model is affordable so it is a great choice for those who are on a budget. While it is true that it is less expensive as compared to other models, it does not mean that it comes with poor quality. It is functional and reliable to use provided that you strictly adhere to its installation instruction procedures.

Furthermore, since this birdbath comes with large enough size, you will definitely be elated seeing little and big birds slurping and splashing around. As you can see, this also serves as a very fun-filled form of entertainment for you and your family. Having this in your yard will also make your guests feel comfortable while chatting with you.

3. Best Choice Products Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath


Being touted as one of the most high-quality bird baths these days, this model is a great investment that could bring so much joy and satisfaction not only for you but to your family and buddies. It is recognized for being a very beautiful outdoor art that will make your front yard or garden look more stunning and adored by neighbors and passersby.

This is lovely ornamentation in that it could transform your yard or garden into the beautiful scenery that could help relieve stress and tension caused by tedious seasons at work. It is attractive enough for birds to land in for drinks and bathing. You will absolutely feel ecstatic seeing sparrows, robins, starlings and other bird species doing their thing on your birdbath.

In truth, this is a must-have if you have extra space in your place. Isn’t it blissful to be able to provide varieties of birds with a source of water to drink and bathe in? Even if you are not a certified bird feeder, your heart will surely melt once you watch these creatures do cute activities in your yard.

What We Liked
  • Comes with ornate details
  • Can make your garden look more inviting, soothing and nature-like
  • Made with sturdy construction materials that could last for years
  • Safe to use and inviting for various bird species
  • Sturdy, functional and well-designed
What We Didn't Like
  • As with other types of birdbaths, there is a possibility for this model to be drained more frequently especially on summer seasons. So, you need to inspect it more often to clean and refill it with fresh water
Over and above, this birdbath is literally a very ideal embellishment that you can put in the center of your garden or front yard. It can make your outdoor setting something that you will love to stay in for long hours. What’s even more amazing about it is that it promotes health in your garden. It helps aerate the soil through bringing in nutrients and water and aids in keeping bugs and pests away from various plants in your yard. Also, it comes with a very reasonably-priced selling cost.

4. Sun Pottery Ceramic Bird Bath


This is proudly made of the best materials for birdbaths; it is capable of providing a very inviting area for your backyard feathered friends. To boot, it is made of ceramic materials and is designed with a lovely light blue glaze that is definitely appealing to human and bird’s eyes. You will love its sturdy design and you can see for yourself that it could withstand many years of use.

It is easy to move because it is lightweight especially after lawn mowing; however, its being light is something that you always need to watch out for. Just like other devices and products that break due to frequent transfers, this birdbath is no exemption.

On the other hand, you won’t have problems storing it when the winter season comes. Installing it wherever you prefer in your yard is definitely a no-sweat job for you!

What We Liked
  • Made of superior quality construction materials
  • Frostproof and can even handle -4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A very stunning ornament to your yard, garden, and landscape
  • Easy to release for winter storage
  • Easy to set up as you only need to put the bowl on top of the base
  • Quite easy to clean and maintain
What We Didn't Like
  • It is lightweight so it is crucial for you to be very extra cautious when lifting and moving it for you might accidentally lose your grip and break it
  • It requires refilling a number of times particularly if more birds come for drinks and bathing. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for additional work
I love the fact that this birdbath is capable of bringing life to an ordinary-looking garden. And, since it is well-designed both humans and different bird species will be amazed by it. It can easily lure birds to land, drink and bathe. Hence, you can be ensured that day by day, your feathered birds will increase in number and you will enjoy hearing their chirp sounds as they delight in their new hub.

5. Regal Art &Gift Birdbath


This birdbath is creatively designed with an art glass bowl and it can be utilized as a feeder or bath for your most cherished bird buddies. Just like ceramic bird baths, it is very reliable and functional to use. It comes with a stable pole and it has the capability to settle safely onto the ground. You can safely and instantly fasten the bowl to the pole.

Likewise, you can’t resist its elegant design and color. Its size is adequate enough for gardens and yards that are not that big. This is a wise investment since it can provide a secure spot for birds and butterflies to delight in a good source of food and water.

What We Liked
  • Well-designed and comes with creative style and stunning color
  • Can fit any type of garden or yard
  • A safe hub for drinking and feeding for butterflies and birds
  • It can be settled securely on the ground provided that you follow the setup procedures properly
  • Easy to put together
What We Didn't Like
  • It could be deep enough for small birds to bathe in. This means that there are possibilities of small birds being drowned while bathing or splashing around
  • Its color may easily fade after long use and direct exposure to sun and other extreme weather conditions
  • The stand seems flimsy so you need to be more careful when setting it up

This bird bath’s glass can be fastened to the stake very safely; nonetheless, you need to tip it in order to properly empty it. On the other hand, if you intend to utilize it as a feeder, it is important to ensure that you have a covered spot to do so.

Additionally, this model is easy to tidy up and it can be transported in an instant for it is not heavy to lift and move. To avoid the water in the basin from drying up, it is highly recommendable to check it every now and then and refill as often as needed. This is to ensure that your feathered friends have a continuous supply of water whenever they need to drink and bathe.

6. Evergreen Garden Colors of the Sea Hanging Bird Bath


This glass birdbath is capable of bewitching birds to your yard as it is specially designed with a craftsman glass hanging bowl. It is fastened to a sturdy hook as well as a metal chain that is meant to ensure easy display- this conveys that you can instantly hang it from a branch of a tree, in a shepherd’s hook or in a post without much struggle.

As you can see, it comes with a very colorful and adorned designed. It is a worthy investment mainly because it could last for many years of usage as it is resistant to any weather condition and is rust-proof too. It is a lot easier to tidy for you only need to clean the glass bowl using warm water.

What We Liked
  • Made with very appealing artisan glass hanging bowl
  • Easy to clean, rinse and wipe
  • No installation issues for you to struggle with
  • Rust-proof and weather-resistant
  • Made of durable construction materials
  • A beautiful embellishment to your yard or garden
  • Can make birds well-fed and have a great source of water all-year round
What We Didn't Like
  • Since the basin is made of glass, you’ve got to be extra careful when cleaning it to prevent it from dropping and breaking. It is a must to handle it with care
  • There is a need to refill it with food or water more often to keep birds coming
  • Its color has the tendency to completely fade due to prolonged use
This type of birdbath can provide various bird species with an all-year-round source of food and water. Since they can eat and drink, they will become mainstays in your garden. Once your birdbath is filled with enough food or water for your feathered buddies to enjoy, there is no need for you to chase after them for they will keep visiting and staying in your yard.

7. Audubon Hanging Bird Bath


This hanging bird bath can seduce a considerable number of birds to land and make a long stay in your yard. It is designed with shallow edges to primarily enable varieties of birds to drink and splash around without getting too drenched. It is made of sturdy polyresin and it is specially constructed to endure varied weather elements so it can stand the test of time- this could be seen on its hand-applied stone finish.

Besides, this model is ideal for any bird fanatics. Once purchased, it comes with a steel chain and a tiny S-hook that is mainly designed for hanging it without any hassle. When installed in your preferred area, you will finally take pleasure in watching birds entertain you in a cute and fun approach.

What We Liked
  • Comes with Egret embossed design and very appealing rim
  • Made with durable construction materials
  • It is quite uncomplicated to set up and in fact, you can install it in a few minutes
  • A great bird seducer
  • A very wonderful addition to your landscape, yard or garden
  • Easy to clean and rinse
  • Designed with good size and the sides are well-made for birds to have a solid grip onto
What We Didn't Like
  • Requires frequent cleaning time particularly if you have bird visitors most of the time
  • The chain has the tendency to rust instantly, so it is advised to consider treating it with an anti-rust paint prior to setting it up and hanging it in the desired spot
This birdbath is something that your tiny feathered buddies will love. The small finches are light enough so the plate does not swing too excessively. You could observe robins love it as well; however, it is not that secured enough or large enough for bird species to delight in a proper bath.

8. Gray Bunny Deck Mounted Songbird Spa


Just like a very cost-effective solar birdbath, this model is very economical and practical to use too. It is very flexible in that it comes with a deck mounted birdbath bowl that is simple as ABC to install. Its water dish is designed with an easy-to-adjust clamp which could fit decks by up to 2-inches in thickness. Tools are not even required when setting it up.

This model is easy to tidy since the bowl detaches from the steel ring. Interestingly, it is an ideal present for nature lovers, parents, bird feeders and children who are bird enthusiasts. It can instantly seduce wild birds to drink and bathe.

What We Liked
  • Comes with a quick DIY installation procedure that does not require any tool to complete it
  • A beautiful addition on your deck or balcony
  • Heavy duty construction with a superior quality finish
  • Rust-free and could withstand tough weather condition
  • Adept at enticing birds to land and make a long visit
What We Didn't Like
  • The metal bar that serves as a component of the metal bracket sticks up in a more elevated way so it intervenes with the seating of the water bowl and this makes it hard for the water bowl to sit straight on the ring

Hence, the water bowl sits on a fixed angle rather than a balanced one.

This is worth-buying because it guarantees premium quality construction and function. You can see its sturdiness through its durable and high quality cast iron clamp hanging kit. The bowl is not an ordinary bowl that breaks easily because it is made of polypropylene.

Nothing can give you an elating feeling than knowing you are capable of feeding hungry and thirsty bird species regardless of the season. When you are their source of food and water and a spot where they could bathe, you know this does not just make your place relaxing but a haven for love and sharing.

9. Evergreen Garden Glass Bird Bath


Many DIY birdbaths aim to delight bird lovers and this peacock feather inspired glass Birdbath bowl has the same objective. This model is specially designed to inspire. Its design and craftsmanship are sure to seduce varieties of birds to eat, drink or bathe.

It is a very impressive garden adornment product that is made of premium quality materials, enhanced beauty as well as functionality. It is worth noting that its manufacturer is one of the most trusted in the industry – so this only proves to say that it is an item that is worth the real value of your hard-earned money.

What We Liked
  • Comes with first-rate and uniquely beautiful design that could bring awesome blooms in your yard or garden
  • Its nature-like style can lure more birds to come and visit your place to eat, drink or bathe
  • Made by one of the most credible manufacturers in the industry
  • Functional and reliable to utilize
  • An economical and practical choice
What We Didn't Like
  • If placed in a spot where it is directly exposed to sunlight, its color has the tendency to fade instantly. That said, it is crucial to consider putting it in an area that’s slightly shady to avoid fading its color right away
  • Its size is more recommendable for smaller birds only and may not handle larger birds well

This birdbath will certainly appear very inviting and inspiring to your neighbors and visitors. Other passersby will also be stunned with this item’s unique and sophisticated design. Your next garden party or gathering will definitely appear livelier and filled with a stunning piece that is simply irresistible to your guests.

It is very easy to install but remember to place it in a safer and shady area to prolong its beautiful and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.

Also, you may consider this item as a very ideal gift that you can give to nature and bird lovers. Without a doubt, they will deeply appreciate it.

10. Mounted Heated Bird Baths


This item is something to love just like a solar birdbath fountain. If you hope to reduce your chore time, enhance your garden enjoyment and get rid of any inconvenience while at the same time be able to enhance access of fresh water for countless of tiny critters and bird species, this model is an ideal option for you.

This brand is amazing in that it can charm birds to your garden with a clean and warm source of water that they can absolutely enjoy. Designed with built-in thermostat; it is outstanding in terms of preventing birdbaths water from freezing even on the coldest season of the year.

It is engineered with a tilt to clean deck rail mounting bracket that is convenient and excellent at keeping the bowl clean an effortless task for you to do.

What We Liked
  • Designed with cutting-edge materials as well as highly-acclaimed craftsmanship
  • Guaranteed to work even on freezing mornings and you can observe this through the steam that continuously rises above the bath water
  • The system is easy to set up and remove for storage
What We Didn't Like
  • If not set up properly, the unit may tilt and you’ll see that it does not sit level
  • The bracket is very thin which is why it easily bends when you use pressure screws to tighten it

To avoid this product from tilting when installing it, make sure that the cord is placed within the channel on the underside of the birdbath. Check if it sits level and does not wobble.

In a nutshell, this unit is functional, useful, attractive, sturdy and well-designed. It is an enjoyable product that you can splurge in as it can provide you a higher level of satisfaction.

What is Bird Bath/How does It Work


A birdbath is a man-made tiny shallow pond or small pool. It is designed with a water-filled basin that serves a vital role in providing varieties of birds a source of water for drinking, bathing and for cooling themselves in various weather conditions.

What is more, a birdbath could serve as a tiny reflecting puddle and a garden ornament, an impressive sculpture in your landscape and as part of forming a valuable wildlife garden.

This also functions as a great attraction for many birds specifies to visit decks, lawns, yards and gardens particularly in summer seasons. Birdbaths are considered important because they are a reliable source of water all through the year.

As you know, like all kinds of animals, birds especially require water in order to survive. While it is true that they could extract some moisture from the food they consume; varieties of bird species need to slurp water on a daily basis as well.

Aside from being a source of drinking water, birdbaths serve as the bathing ground for birds, when they need to get rid of parasites and clean their feathers. After bathing for a few minutes, birds commonly sit atop in a sunny area and fluff their feathers out to dry themselves.

Birdbaths are a very effective attraction for various birds and they can undoubtedly transform your ordinary garden into a very aesthetically-appealing spot where not only birds will love but you, your loved ones and guests too.

Isn’t it great to be able to provide a drinking and bathing spot for various bird species? What’s more interesting about setting up a birdbath in your landscape is that it makes your residence more lively, relaxing and attractive. Finally, you can say goodbye to a very boring and plain-looking garden at home.

You’ll surely delight in watching varieties of birds have a fun-filled moment while drinking and splashing in the birdbath you have installed for them. This will certainly be a great attraction for you, family members and friends to watch any time. It can entertain you and can make you feel relaxed after a very stressful day.

Types of Bird Baths


Wall Hanging Birdbaths

This type of birdbath can be hanged from a branch of a tree while other hanging designs can be mounted against a wall. If you prefer, you can also hang them on the fence, beside your dwelling place, next to an outbuilding or a barn. This is a great option because it will be shielded by a roof overhang that makes it difficult for dirt and debris to fall into the water.

Staked Birdbaths

These are very famous options for renters as well as homeowners who prefer to have a way to lure birds to their garden, but do not wish to spend lavishly or consume large space that a freestanding model requires. They are designed with an intact bowl that is fastened on a thin stake which is driven into solid ground.

Make sure that the ground where you set it up is solid enough to hold it so that it won’t tilt or collapse when varieties of birds come to visit or it won’t fall when there are certain movements made.

Freestanding Birdbaths

These are the usual options that consumers buy. They are generally designed with a bowl where you need to fill it with water. It is a must to keep it balanced above the pedestal so that it will be capable of keeping the water at a risk-free distance from the ground. This is also to make the birds feel comfortable when slurping and splashing since they are not endangered by predators.

These are mostly easy to find, they come in different designs, shapes, colors, and styles for you to select from. Typically, they are the heaviest kind of bird baths available on the market as they are made with durable and solid materials like cast iron and concrete.

Mounted Birdbaths

These models are wise choices for people who do not have a spacious garden or yard. With the aid of enclosed hardware, you can easily mount the bowl to the deck’s railing and you can start enjoying watching the birds while you are staying outside.

See to it that you solidly mount the bowl to avoid tilting and rocking. Since these models are not that renowned, different styles are a bit hard to spot on the market. If you prefer, you can have them customized, so you can choose the design and the materials it will be made of.

Ground Birdbaths

These are made of fieldstone, boulder, and granite. They are the most basic models since these are just placed on the ground. However, these aren’t that effective when luring birds to land, these are more recommendable for quails and ducks. Since some birds don’t feel relaxed and comfortable to fly up in a birdbath that lies higher above the ground, this birdbath can encourage them to visit your garden so you can enjoy watching their activities.

Hanging Birdbaths

These models are typically shallow and are hanged up either from a gutter, branch of tree or shepherd’s hook in your backyard with the aid of a few lengths of chain. They are cheaper but not capable of holding a huge amount of water so there is a need to refill it more frequently.

Benefits of Using Bird Baths


Birdbaths are not merely designed to become attractions in one’s garden or landscape, for a fact, having them set up in your place can offer ample benefits not only to various bird species but for you, your loved ones and guests.

What benefits can you get if you installed a birdbath in your yard?

  • Water is one of the valuable things that bird lovers could add to their yard to lure more bird species. Moreover, all types of birds require a great source of water to drink and to bathe in whenever it is cold or warm. Through adding one or multiple water features to your garden, you will be able to lure feathered creatures at once.

Birdbaths are beneficial in that they are birds’ friends when it comes to drinking as well as preening. They are helpful because they keep the bird’s body cool no matter what weather conditions it may be.

  • Water baths can help get rid of loose feathers, dust, other debris and even parasites from the plumage of a bird. Since bird baths provide water in your yard, these could entice more birds than just sources of foods because birds that wouldn’t naturally land in bird feeders could be lured by water features. Moving water works great in luring more birds since the motion captivates birds’ eyes and they love to hear water splashes, sprinkles or dripping.
  • Birdbaths are the easiest and the most instant technique to add water to your garden bird habitat. So, to effectively attract more birds to land and stay in your yard all year round, consider putting a water wiggler dripper to a standing birdbath to allow captivating motions easily.
  • Birdbaths are also effective in relieving stress and exhaustion caused by a very preoccupied lifestyle. If you have a birdbath set up in your landscape, you can unwind right in your own home and watch birds as they entertain you with their chirps, hums and funny moves.
  • They are wonderful attractions to a very ordinary and sad-looking garden, lawn, deck, patio or yard. Your residence will appear more inviting and make your guests feel more comfortable every time they come for a visit.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bird Bath

It could be mind-boggling to visit a wild bird store or a garden store that comes with a wide range of diverse birdbath models. Luckily, with deeper contemplation, you can narrow down which model is more appropriate for you and your feathered friends. When deciding between various birdbaths, take the following factors in mind:

  • Appearance

If you pick a birdbath design that you don’t prefer much, you won’t be that eager to keep it tidy and filled with water. So, go for a bath that suits your garden’s style, personality as well as décor. This way, you can still enjoy it even there are no birds around.

  • Height

A bird bath’s height is crucial for which birds can cheerfully drink and bathe from. Tinier birds are comfortable at higher baths as these provide them a more excellent field of view, on the other hand, bigger birds like ducks, quails, and doves prefer drinking or bathing from models that are designed with ground-level basins.

  • Selling Price

Pick the best birdbath brand that you could buy within your budget and a model that you think can make your birds delighted to drink and bathe in. Whatever your choice is, always inspect the features and functionality of the model you are eyeing to buy.

  • Design

Whether you select a pedestal, hanging styles or other basic designs and models, note that the basic design must rely on where you plan to place the birdbath. A broad pedestal model is not an ideal choice for a yard without appropriate level areas while a hanging model is not recommendable if you don’t have a safe spot to hang it from.

  • Water Movement

As stated earlier, moving water is good at luring more birds as compared to stagnant water in a plain basin. Models that come with mister, bubbler, dripper, fountain or water spray are more outstanding options to captivate a broad array of bird species. These models will also reduce algae growth and insects making your birdbath easier to maintain and clean.

  • Climate

Opt for the model that you can utilize all through the year. A durable heated birdbath is recommendable if you reside in northern winters that have long periods of winter. Meanwhile, if you reside in warmer regions, go for the ones that come with a bigger capacity that won’t evaporate easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good birdbath brands?

Always go for birdbath brands that only provide a convenient and comfortable place for cleaning feathers but also those that are capable of providing an instant drinking and bathing water.

Brands that appeal to a broad array of birds and look attractive in your garden include the following:

  • Sun Pottery Ceramic Birdbath
  • Aldosarri Birdbath
  • Looker Products Cedar Hanging Birdbath
  • Songbird Essential Heated Birdbath
  • Sunnydaze 2-Tier Birdbath Water Fountain
  • GrayBunny Deck Mounted Songbird Spa
  • Ancient Graffiti Solid Copper Birdbath

What are bird baths made of?

All the diverse kinds of bird baths that can be found in the market are commonly made from various materials. While ceramic, concrete and plastic materials are the most common when constructing birdbaths, other renowned materials used consist of the following:

  • Stone, shell or glass mosaics, typically with pictures or patterns
  • Metal, specifically brass or copper
  • Marbles, particularly those that come with elaborate fountains

How deep should a birdbath be?

A birdbath should not be deeper than 8 to 10 centimeters or 2 to 4 inches – it must be shallower in the edges and must be designed with a gradual slope. Take in mind that most birds do not prefer bathing in water that is more than the height of the breast.

Additionally, consider that wider, larger and multiple tiers will lure more birds; however, this will consume more time and a vast amount of energy to keep it tidy.

Do birds use bird baths in winter?

Water is just as valuable in the cold seasons as it is during warmer seasons – this is particularly applicable to birds and other wildlife. If there is no snow in your region, there is precisely no water, which only conveys that your feathered buddies could be in danger.

Indeed, even in areas that come with a massive amount of ice and snow, it costs birds’ body heat and treasured calories to melt frozen liquid. Yards that provide clean and fresh water during the coldest season of the year tend to attract more avian visitors as compared to yards that are frozen. Water is as huge an attraction as feeders in winter seasons.

How to attract birds to my birdbath?

There are several techniques for you to do to attract more birds to your birdbath and these comprise of the following:

  • Keep your birdbath shallow. The level should be roughly 2 inches or less. This is already enough for birds to splash or wade into. If it is too deep, there is a tendency for drowning.
  • Keep it low. Since most natural water sources that birds utilize are on or close by the ground, it is only right that your basin is not placed on a higher ground that could make it difficult for birds to drink and bathe in.

Consider raising the basin up on a cinder block or put it on the ground; however, you should keep it with at least one foot on the ground.

  • For better footing, add large stones or pea gravel in the birdbath basin’s bottom section. This is to avoid tilting when birds drink and bathe.
  • Keep it open, clean and refill water every now and then.
  • Put something where birds can perch.
  • During summer seasons, put it on a shady area to provide birds a cool spot to rest.
  • Add motion. Birds are easily attracted with moving, splashing, sprinkling or dripping water. Moreover, moving water sparkles during day time and this captivates birds’ attention.

How to place/hang birdbaths?

Birdbaths should be positioned in safe and level spots where they won’t spill, fall, tilt or tip easily. In like manner, the basin should be placed as level as probable in order to keep the depth balanced and to boost its water capacity. Use paving stones or gravel underneath the bath to aid balance the ground and provide a more solid surface if needed.

It helps to compromise on various considerations to unveil the most excellent spot where to position your birdbath, but the bird’s safety, comfort, and interests should be your top priority.

Alternatively, it is beneficial to follow the birdbath designs’ special requirements for placement.


Most consumers and bird lovers basically prefer aesthetically-appealing birdbath designs that perfectly blend into their landscapes, yard, and garden; lure more birds and are easy to set up. Besides, they opt for models that are durable enough to endure and resist any weather elements and models that don’t easily knock over.

Most importantly, regardless of the kind of birdbath you pick, if you have cautiously contemplated on the options with your preferred style, budget, functionality and space in mind, it will for sure be a top-drawer option to bring thirsty birds to your garden.

With lots of available brands, designs, and styles that you can choose from in terms of the best bird bath, one thing is sure –there is a birdbath that could specifically meet all requirements and preferences provided that you conduct comprehensive research of what will suit you best. Be reminded that a smart buyer considers all the vital factors first prior to spending lavishly!

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