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How to Catch a Bird in Your House?

how to catch a bird in your house

Imagine this. You are just sitting in your living room watching TV and suddenly, a small bird accidentally flies in through your open window. What do you do when a bird accidentally flies into your home? It helps to know how to catch a bird in your house, preferably without hurting it.

Most people will have no problems watching birds in their gardens. Often, they do it while they are in their birdbaths or hanging around the bird feeder. However, once even a single small bird gets inside the house, it is suddenly pandemonium. It does not necessarily have to be that way, though

Here, in this article, you will learn what to do if a bird gets in your house.

Step-by-Step Guide

Method 01: Using Your Hands

what to do if a bird gets in your house

If you are not squeamish in the least, you can try to catch the stray bird using your hands.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1 – Approach the bird quietly. The bird will be quite jittery and afraid, so you will need to approach it carefully. If it is perched somewhere, you can creep at it from the side. You should slowly approach the bird until it is within grabbing distance.

Step 2 – Grab the bird slowly. Never do it recklessly. The reason is that this will only put the little thing in more distress. You might also put too much pressure on the bird and hurt it. Using both your hands, slowly catch the bird, holding it by its chest and allowing room for its head to peek out. Put just enough pressure to keep the bird from moving, but don’t squeeze it.

Step 3 – Take the bird outside and release it. Once you have the bird in your hands, you need to go outside so you can let it go. Do not throw the bird in the air. What you should do, instead, is to lay it down on a surface and let it fly on its own strength. Wash your hands thoroughly after releasing the bird as it might have been carrying nasty parasites.

Method 02: Using A Net or Blanket

using your hands catch a bird

If you have a bit of mesh in your garage, you can use it as a makeshift net to catch the bird. If you don’t, you can use an old and light blanket.

What to prepare:

  • A mesh sheet or an old light blanket

Detailed Steps:

Step 1: Approach the bird slowly. Hold two corners of the net or blanket with both your hands and hold it at around eye level. Slowly approach the bird to keep it from panicking and flying to another part of the room.

Step 2: Throw the net over the bird. Once you have gotten close enough, throw the net or blanket over the bird. This will make the bird freeze and keep it from struggling underneath.

Step 3: Grab the bird gently. Using both your hands, gently pick up the bird over the net. You need to be gentle as you might hurt the little bird when you hold it too tightly. Try to hold the bird with its legs tucked into its chest. This will keep it from fidgeting and possibly hurting itself.

Step 4: Go outside and free the bird. Now that you have caught the wayward avian, it is time to let it go. While holding the bird inside the net, go outside to your garden or yard. Lay the net down on the ground and then gently remove the net from over the bird. The bird might be a bit confused and shocked for a couple of seconds but it will be okay.

What to Do When the Bird is Injured?

bird in a house

If the bird smashed through your window, which happens quite often unfortunately, it might be a bit too nerve-wracking for you to pick it up. If this is the case, what to do if a bird gets in your house? You can either call animal control services or your local veterinarian.

If you try to move the bird by yourself, you might exacerbate the bird’s injury. It is better to have professional animal care experts catch the bird for you. In addition, they will be able to treat the animal immediately to increase its chances of surviving when it is eventually released back into the wild.

Also, if you are quite squeamish and you are absolutely certain that you won’t be able to catch the bird yourself, it is best to contact animal control services. If you try to be brave and do it yourself, you might not be able to control how strong you grip the bird and might hurt it, or yourself in the process.


Knowing how to catch a bird in your house might seem like a trivial thing but you will be happy that you do when you need this knowledge. If you are not squeamish when handling small animals, especially wild animals, you will be able to remove the bird from your house safely.

Learning how to properly handle the bird will prevent you from getting injured, or even dying because you caused their hearts to beat much too fast. The most important thing to remember about this is that you need to keep as calm as possible and you will get through it eventually.

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