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How to Keep Sparrows Away

how to keep sparrows away

Sparrows eating from the feeders are a common sight in many backyards. However, Sparrows are pesky little birds that can be quite annoying.

These sparrows can be a nuisance because they eat from bird feeders and leave droppings everywhere. Also, its droppings contain pathogens that can cause harm to human health. Therefore, many people do not want these birds near their properties.

If you want to keep sparrows away, there are easy ways to do it! I will go through some of these helpful methods in this article.

How to Keep Sparrows Away Sparrow

Sparrows visiting our residence can be problematic. So, here are some tricks on how to keep sparrows away that you can try:

1. Install Bird Spikes

Install bird spikes on the ledges or sills of buildings. Some sparrows often build nests in these places, which can become problematic for homeowners if they try to enter their homes. A sparrow’s spiky feet will not let them climb over this obstacle and away from your building.

How is an Installation done?

Gather some tough plastic strips with holes throughout so birds cannot get through easily, but you can still see out clearly without obstruction. These do not cause permanent damage to sparrows’ feet, so it doesn’t hurt wildlife populations when installed correctly.

Be sure there aren’t any gaps between the strip and wall as well because then sparrows can enter through such holes.

Also, make sure you don’t place too high up where small children could reach!

2. Use Bird Netting

Sparrows can be a nuisance, but you can get rid of them and keep them away with bird netting. It is better to use thicker netting because sparrows might break through thinner nets.

Then, install the netting in an area where the sparrows cannot land and secure it so that they cannot get through. Make sure that you remove any debris from the netting to not create a mess.

Then, secure the netting to prevent the sparrows from getting through it. The best way to do this is by using stakes or weights to hold down the system.

3. Use Electronic Distress Sound

Scare sparrows away with loud noises or objects that move suddenly. Motion detectors that emit sound or lights can do the trick, as well as fake snakes or owls perched near problem areas.

Use sparrow speakers, which make a whistling noise and scare sparrows away from gardens or other areas where they like to congregate. These devices work by emitting a sound that sparrows don’t like but humans usually can’t hear.

4. Remove the Foods that Sparrows Like

In addition to taking these preventative measures, you can also remove sparrows’ favorite foods from your property. This method will make it less appealing for them to stay in the area. Some of their favorite foods include:

  • Seeds
  • Berries
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Insects

If you remove these things from your yard, sparrows are likely to go somewhere else where they can find food more easily. It may take some time and effort, but it’s worth it if you want to get rid of these birds.

5. Change Bird Feeder Styles

If sparrows are eating all the birdseed, consider changing the style of your feeder. You can purchase one away from trees or place it up higher where sparrows cannot reach it. You can also try a different type of seed that sparrows do not like as much.

6. Utilize Predator Decoy

Another way is by using a predator decoy. This is a fake sparrow designed to scare other sparrows away. We can place it in strategic locations around our property, and the sparrows will learn to avoid those areas.

The effectiveness of setting a predator decoy depends on its well-made design and realistic look. Some models even replicate the sounds of real sparrows chirping, which can effectively deter other sparrows from coming near.

Other than that, You can also Try

how to keep sparrows away from bluebird houses

  • Using a motion-activated sprinkler to scare house sparrows away. With this, you can even prevent songbirds from entering your garden
  • Installing reflective tapes or wind-activated wings or scare rods to shoo away sparrows with their own reflection
  • Installing a proof bird feeder or the clinging feeder made from mesh in the tube and sock design

How to Keep Sparrows Away from Bluebird Houses?

Sparrows are one of those birds that can cause real trouble when they decide to move into someone else’s nesting site. If given half a chance, they will chase away other species and even destroy eggs or young chicks.

The easiest way would be to avoid having any open-faced boxes around so sparrows don’t get tempted by an easy entry point inside the box.

But if it’s too late already and the sparrow has set its eyes on these boxes, you can still do something about it.

Sparrows love to get inside the bluebird house through this tiny hole. To prevent sparrows from taking over the bluebird houses, make sure any possible entry points are covered at least ½ inch of wire mesh (or even better yet – ¼ inch).

The sparrow will be able to see into the box but won’t ever be able to fit its body in there. This should keep them out while allowing other desirable birds like chickadees or nuthatches to enter instead!

You can add this wire mesh to the existing hole or drill a new one on top of the box.


Sparrows are considered a nuisance for their habit of eating food from bird feeders and leaving droppings everywhere. If you have a problem with sparrows, there are several things you can do to discourage them from staying. We recommend taking measures such as installing metal spikes, using an ultrasonic repellent device for sparrows.

You can do this by taking preventative measures and removing their favorite foods. By doing this, sparrows will be less likely to stay in the area and bother you. It may take some time and effort, but it’s worth it if you want to get rid of these birds. Thanks for reading!

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