Black Phoebe Discovery

February 28th, 2008

During the Great Backyard Bird Count, I noticed a Black Phoebe in my yard. I had seen them a couple of times before, but not very often. So, I was pretty excited to see one and record it for the bird count.

Then, yesterday, I noticed that there were some bird droppings on the phone box outside my house. The phone box is located on the side of the house, and around Los Angeles, you don’t get much room on the side of your house. So, I rarely go over there. (Not much to see except my neighbor’s house!) I looked up, and sure enough, there was a Black Phoebe sleeping on a wire from my phone box just below the roof overhang of our house.

This is the second time that this has happened. We had another bird that decided to start sleeping on the same wire. But, it chose a spot on the wire in the backyard, so it was much more obvious. Well…actually…to be more specific, it chose a spot right above our doormat in the backyard. Our doormat is black. I’m sure you’re getting a picture in your head; it wasn’t a pretty sight! :)

As I thought back, I realized that I had heard some bird activity recently on the side of our house. It is pretty cool that this Black Phoebe has decided to make its home on our property. Black Phoebes are attracted to water, and our neighbor has quite a water feature in their yard. I guess it is no surprise that it likes our side yard!

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2 Responses to “Black Phoebe Discovery”

  1. Sandpiper on March 2, 2008 4:46 pm

    Interesting story! I’ve never seen a black phoebe before.

  2. Birding Scott on March 2, 2008 9:50 pm

    I’ll try to get a picture of her later, but I just didn’t have enough light when I discovered her. Plus, from below, all you would have seen was her underside. And, if I wasn’t careful, taking a picture right below her….Well, you get the idea! :) Hopefully she’ll hang out somewhere more accessible for a picture in the future.

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