February 15th, 2008

A lot has happened at my feeders over the last week. I put out some Nyjer in a stocking in an effort to give my House Finches more feeding options. The next morning, I was shocked to find Goldfinches! OK, I guess this isn’t that surprising. But, I’ve never seen a Goldfinch in my yard before, so I was surprised that they found my Nyjer stocking that quickly. I wonder what other types of birds would come to my yard if I offered more feeding options. Let’s see…I already have a window feeder, a Nyjer stocking, a sunflower seed feeder, and a hummingbird feeder. My yard is getting complicated fast! :)

I’ve spent the week marveling at this new addition to my yard. Goldfinches are much duller in the winter, but it is still fun to watch a new bird. My BirdCam took 100s of pictures, but I have narrowed it down to a few favorites.

The look like they are about to kiss! :)

There is some color!

Here are some other shots that I thought were interesting. The House Finches seem to be enjoying the Nyjer just as much as the Goldfinches are. Take a look at some of the coloring on these finches. They are simply beautiful!

The Orange-crowned Warbler that I wrote about in a previous blog post continues to visit my hummingbird feeder. At this point, this Warbler is a more frequent visitor than the hummingbirds that visit my yard! I really enjoy watching this bird drink nectar.

Finally, my BirdCam has uncovered some disturbing news. A squirrel is after my window feeder! Luckily, it appears that he was not able to reach it. The evidence is blurry, but look carefully. The squirrel is reaching up to my window feeder (which is not in the picture). Let’s hope he can’t crack this nut! :)

Don’t forget The Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend – Feb. 15 to Feb. 18, 2008.

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3 Responses to “Goldfinches!”

  1. Sandpiper on February 16, 2008 7:23 pm

    Wow, just look at them all! We put out the stockings and they ignore them. I don’t get it!! They always loved then at the house where I used to live. Soon your little finches will be getting their bright colors. Spring is on the way!

  2. brucesc on February 21, 2008 11:16 pm

    Hi–I got to your blog through Sandpiper. Very nice. I’m really impressed with the quality of the cam pictures. You asked about adding another feeder–I recommend adding a feeder with plain white proso millet in it. All the sparrows love it, as do cardinals, doves and other ground feeders. I just posted a goldfinch on my blog today too. And I did do the GBBC also.

  3. Birding Scott on February 25, 2008 2:13 am

    Sandpiper – Sorry to hear that you don’t get Goldfinches. :( I sure was surprised when they came to my yard. I’ve NEVER seen a Goldfinch in my backyard before. I guess you never know what will show up!

    Brucesc – Thanks for visiting! I appreciate the tip; I will definitely give it a try. My wife used to have a parakeet who loved millet. I guess I need to try that with the birds in my yard as well. :)

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