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July 10th, 2008

My New Feeder!

I’ve had a questionable past with my platform feeder and squirrels, but I think I’ve finally solved my squirrel problem. I originally put up this feeder to encourage Scrub Jays to visit my yard. They are always around my neighborhood, but they don’t seem to want to visit my feeder. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Scrub Jays to visit regularly, but I have found a ton of finches that are eager for Sunflower seeds. Here’s my story:

This feeder hangs from a huge 28 inch branch hook on my Magnolia tree. It is an inexpensive, recycled platform feeder made by Rubicon. I was hoping that the squirrels in my yard wouldn’t be able to reach the feeder because the branch hook was so massive. While I was happy with the branch hook because it allowed me to hang feeders from high, thick branches on a big tree, it certainly didn’t do anything for squirrel protection. After a few stray birds visited the feeder, the squirrels took over for the next month.

Something had to be done! So, I bought a 12″ squirrel baffle. The feeder was 12″ and so I figured a 12″ baffle would be perfect. Apparently, I hadn’t thought this out too well. The baffle was round and the feeder was square, so this left the sides of the feeder exposed. Pretty soon after that, the squirrels were tipping the feeder over using this corner and collecting their bounty below. Sigh….

So, I took the next step, a put out a 20″ squirrel baffle. Then, the moment of truth. A squirrel carefully climbed down the hook and rested on top of the baffle. Ever so slowly, it crept toward the edge of the baffle…and FELL! I felt kind of bad for the squirrel, but my feeder was now for the birds.

The first few days I had this new setup out, the birds avoided it. But then, a stray House Finch sampled the seed, and pretty soon, the feeder was teeming with birds. Here a few pictures I took with my BirdCam.

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2 Responses to “Platform Feeder”

  1. jalynn01 on July 10, 2008 2:06 pm

    Squirrels…yes! My husband actually used two of my grandsons saucer sleds and put them on the poles right under the feeders to discourage them..They could jump from a tree that was atleast 8 feet away and land on top of the saucer. When it was snowy & icey they would fly right off on the ground. They are hilarious…. but also consume massive amounts of seeds..
    Thanks for visiting my blog.. The wren in the bag in the garage actually is not at my house. My best friend went on vacation and discovered the nest the day before. July 3rd. I am documenting it for her, as she won’t be back until they probably fledge.

  2. Bird Feeder Scott on July 13, 2008 12:09 pm

    It really is an incredible visual. I really enjoyed your blog post about the wren in the bag! If you are ever interested in doing a guest blog post about it, I’d love to put it up. What a fascinating find!

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