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Hummingbird Combo Pak

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Everything you need to attract and enjoy Hummingbirds! This hummingbird kit includes:

1 - 52 ounce Fliteline Hummingbird Feeder - This hummingbird feeder has three bee repellent feeding stations. It can be pole mounted (pole not included) or hung. This feeder has a flat top for easy filling and an extra large 52 oz. capacity. The large mouth, snap apart base allows for easy cleaning.

1 - Clear Nectar Protector - Feeders without ants attract more birds! Keep ants out of your hummingbird feeder with the Nectar Protector. Songbird Essential's Nectar Protector hold 300% more water than the competition. This also means less maintenance, as you will need to fill it much less often. Easy to clean smooth, concave bowl. Strong - Holds even the largest feeders. Just fill with water or vegetable oil. The clear Nectar Protector doesn't confuse the hummers and you can see when it's empty. Made in the USA.

1 - Best Hummingbird Combo Brush Set - Clean feeders attract more hummingbirds! This is the only brush kit that cleans every part of your hummingbird feeder. This kit includes one Best Port and Bee Guard Brush and one Best Two in One Hummingbird and Feeder Brush. The Best Port and Bee Guard Brush is the only brush with bristles that are fitted to both clean bee guards and ports. Long lasting nylon bristles. Comfort fit handle for ease of use. The Best Two in One Hummingbird and Feeder Brush is a 14" double ended brush, which is great for hummingbird feeders and tube feeders. Curved for easy cleaning. Long lasting nylon bristles. Made in the USA.

1 - Hummer Helper Nesting Material - Invite hummingbirds to nest in your yard with a nesting material that hummingbirds really use! Hang nesting material in your yard - hanger included. Sit back and enjoy watching the birds build their nests. Hummer Helper takes the place of spider webs and lichen in lining the tiny nests. Lots of other birds love and use Hummer Helper - including goldfinches, titmice, and more. Made in the USA.

1 Free Tips Brochure

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